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      STYLE: use dictionary writeEntry for output · 4ad73873
      Mark Olesen authored
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      ENH: cleanup of Enum class · 3b745122
      Mark Olesen authored
      - more dictionary-like methods, enforce keyType::LITERAL for all
        lookups to avoid any spurious keyword matching.
      - new readEntry, readIfPresent methods
      - The get() method replaces the now deprecate lookup() method.
      - Deprecate lookupOrFailsafe()
        Failsafe behaviour is now an optional parameter for lookupOrDefault,
        which makes it easier to tailor behaviour at runtime.
      - output of the names is now always flatted without line-breaks.
           os << flatOutput(someEnumNames.names()) << nl;
           os << someEnumNames << nl;
        both generate the same output.
      - Constructor now uses C-string (const char*) directly instead of
        Foam::word in its initializer_list.
      - Remove special enum + initializer_list constructor form since
        it can create unbounded lookup indices.
      - Removd old hasEnum, hasName forms that were provided during initial
        transition from NamedEnum.
      - Added static_assert on Enum contents to restrict to enum or
        integral values.  Should not likely be using this class to enumerate
        other things since it internally uses an 'int' for its values.
        Changed volumeType accordingly to enumerate on its type (enum),
        not the class itself.
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      CONFIG: default to using logical value for cwd() · f2c78362
      Mark Olesen authored
      - this helps for many cases outlined in issue #1007, but can also be
        useful when simply using symlinks for shorter or reorganized
        directory structures.
  10. 17 Oct, 2018 6 commits
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      ENH: · 5daa38d5
      sergio authored
      Update of overRhoPimpleDyMFoam and overInterDyMFoam solvers.
      Adding corresponding tutorials with best possible settings
      The main effort was put on reducing pressure spikes as the
      stencil change with hole cells on the background mesh.
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      ENH: simple dataCloud function object (issue #1044) · 14a39405
      Mark Olesen authored
      - writes positions and a single field (eg, diameter) in plain ASCII files,
        suitable for importing in a spreadsheet or manipulation with
        scripting tools.
      - code integrated from
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      ENH: simplify objectRegistry access names (issue #322) · 8fabc325
      Mark Olesen authored
        New name:  findObject(), cfindObject()
        Old name:  lookupObjectPtr()
            Return a const pointer or nullptr on failure.
        New name:  findObject()
        Old name:  --
            Return a non-const pointer or nullptr on failure.
        New name:  getObjectPtr()
        Old name:  lookupObjectRefPtr()
            Return a non-const pointer or nullptr on failure.
            Can be called on a const object and it will perform a
      - use these updated names and functionality in more places
      NB: The older methods names are deprecated, but continue to be defined.
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      ENH: add compareOp for three-way comparison · e0255cff
      Mark Olesen authored
      - similar to the \c <=> operator in C++20.
        Primarily for use when defining cascaded sort function objects.
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      STYLE: logical ops return bool (issue #1043) · 8b569b16
      Mark Olesen authored
      - these currently only with bool parameters, but the return value should
        nonetheless always be a bool value:
            andOp(), orOp(), lessOp(), lessEqOp(), greaterOp(), greaterEqOp()
      - renamed the unused eqEqOp() to equalOp() for naming consistency with
        the equal() global function.
      ENH: equalOp() specialization for scalars
      - function object version of the equal() function.
        The default constructor uses the same tolerance (VSMALL),
        but can also supply an alternative tolerance on construction.
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      ENH: Added new fieldExtents function object · 1eba7093
      Andrew Heather authored
          Calculates the spatial minimum and maximum extents of a field
          The extents are derived from the bound box limits after identifying
          the locations where field values exceed the user-supplied threshold
          Example of function object specification:
              type        fieldExtents;
              libs        ("libfieldFunctionObjects.so");
              writeToFile yes;
              log         yes;
              fields      (alpha);
              threshold   0.5;
              patches     ();
          Where the entries comprise:
              Property      | Description              | Required   | Default
              type          | type name: fieldExtents  | yes        |
              writeToFile   | write extents data to file | no       | yes
              log           | write extents data to standard output | no | yes
              internalField | Process the internal field | no       | yes
              threshold     | Field value to identify extents boundary | yes |
              referencePosition | Reference position   | no         | (0 0 0)
              fields        | list of fields to process | yes       |
              patches       | list of patches to process | no       | <all>
          Output data is written to the file \<timeDir\>/fieldExtents.dat
          For non-scalar fields, the magnitude of the field is employed and
          compared to the threshold value.
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      STYLE: use range-for in dictionary internals · 5d7b2329
      Mark Olesen authored
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      ENH: support token stream checking to entry (issue #762) · 77017e58
      Mark Olesen authored
      - Eg,
          scalar val(-GREAT);
          const entry* eptr = dict.findEntry(k);
          if (eptr)
              val = eptr.get<scalar>();
              // Or
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      STYLE: mark compatibility change in motionSolver keyword · 8a923518
      Mark Olesen authored
      - was "solver" in 1612 and "motionSolver" for later versions