1. 25 Jun, 2019 1 commit
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      CONFIG: adjust bin/tools/foamConfigurePaths · 47f37588
      Mark Olesen authored
      - add a '-SPDP' option
      - remove the '-archOption' for forcing a '-m32' build on 64-bit
        architecture, which is now considered too obscure.
        Must edit files manually if this option is really required.
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  4. 07 Jun, 2019 1 commit
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      INT: Org integration of VOF, Euler phase solvers and models. · 8170f2ad
      Sergio Ferraris authored
      Integration of VOF MULES new interfaces. Update of VOF solvers and all instances
      of MULES in the code.
      Integration of reactingTwoPhaseEuler and reactingMultiphaseEuler solvers and sub-models
      Updating reactingEuler tutorials accordingly (most of them tested)
      New eRefConst thermo used in tutorials. Some modifications at thermo specie level
      affecting mostly eThermo. hThermo mostly unaffected
      New chtMultiRegionTwoPhaseEulerFoam solver for quenching and tutorial.
      Phases sub-models for reactingTwoPhaseEuler and reactingMultiphaseEuler were moved
      to src/phaseSystemModels/reactingEulerFoam in order to be used by BC for
      Update of interCondensatingEvaporatingFoam solver.
  5. 11 Mar, 2019 1 commit
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  7. 28 Jan, 2019 1 commit
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      ENH: enable MPI library variants (#1153) · 473e000b
      Mark Olesen authored
      - in addition to managing different vendors and versions, it may also
        be necessary or desirable to have a particular variant
        (eg, profiling, release, etc).
        Devise a new meaningful name for the variant and create a
        corresponding wmake rule.
        Eg, SYSTEMOPENMPI-profiling with a corresponding
            "wmake/rules/linux64Gcc/mplibSYSTEMOPENMPI-profiling" file
        that has suitable content for your system.
      CONFIG: intel-mpi use intel64/ paths only for config and wmake rules (#1153)
      - previously adjusted the config files, but missed the changes
        required for the wmake rules too.
        Now simply migrate to using  "intel64/{include,bin,lib}"
        instead of the older naming  "{include,bin,lib}64"
        These changes work since at least intel-mpi 2015 (5.x), but possibly
        earlier as well
  8. 10 Jan, 2019 1 commit
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      ENH: make use of FOAM_API for environment as well (issue #1158) · 63d8e7e5
      Mark Olesen authored
      - was WM_PROJECT_API in the environment and FOAM_API in dictionaries.
        Make these both consistently FOAM_API.
        This is a non-breaking change, since the value of WM_PROJECT_API
        (added in 1812) and/or FOAM_API is purely informative.
        For the current correct values, always use
          * foamEtcFile -show-api
          * wmakeBuildInfo -show-api
  9. 06 Feb, 2019 1 commit
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  11. 25 Jan, 2019 1 commit
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      CONFIG: combine wmake rules for KNL architecture as a compile option · ef6c2ef5
      Mark Olesen authored
      - instead of
            -> linux64GccKNLDPInt32Opt
        now specify
            -> linux64GccDPInt32OptKNL
      This makes it easier (and more obvious) for adding different tweaks
      without needing to generate too many files.
          cd wmake/rules/linux64Gcc
          cp cOpt   cOptBdw
          cp c++Opt c++OptBdw
          edit these two files and then use WM_COMPILE_OPTION=OptBdw
      CONFIG: provide some default c/c++ flags in General compiler rules
      - can make is easier when deriving new compile options, and ensures
        that '-02' is enabled as an initial default.
  12. 10 Jan, 2019 1 commit
    • Mark Olesen's avatar
      ENH: make use of FOAM_API for environment as well (issue #1158) · bef508de
      Mark Olesen authored
      - was WM_PROJECT_API in the environment and FOAM_API in dictionaries.
        Make these both consistently FOAM_API.
        This is a non-breaking change, since the value of WM_PROJECT_API
        (added in 1812) and/or FOAM_API is purely informative.
        For the current correct values, always use
          * foamEtcFile -show-api
          * wmakeBuildInfo -show-api
  13. 19 Dec, 2018 1 commit
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  15. 03 Dec, 2018 1 commit
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      CONFIG: adjustments to environment · b8c257d6
      Mark Olesen authored
      - provide default WM_DIR if not already set, to improve robustness if a
        reduced environment is used
      - add etc/ to WM_PROJECT_SITE search. This makes the site directory
        structure consistent with the OpenFOAM structure.
      - Don't set/export WM_OSTYPE.  The default is POSIX and is properly
        defaulted throughout, including in CMakeLists-OpenFOAM.txt (also for
  16. 02 Dec, 2018 1 commit
    • Mark Olesen's avatar
      ENH: update handling of versioning and make control (issue #1010) · 6c68c34e
      Mark Olesen authored
      - Use the OPENFOAM define (eg, 1806, 1812), which normally corresponds
        to a major release, to define an API level. This remains consistent
        within a release cycle and means that it is possible to manage
        several sub-versions and continue to have a consistent lookup.
        The current API value is updated automatically during the build
        and cached as meta data for later use, even when the wmake/ directory
        is missing or OpenFOAM has not yet be initialized.
        The version information reported on program start or with -help
        usage adjusted to reflect this. The build tag from git now also
        carries the date as being more meaningful to trace than a hash
      - Update etc/bashrc and etc/cshrc to obtain the project directory
        directly instead of via its prefix directory. The value obtained
        corresponds to an absolute path, from which the prefix directory
        can be obtained.
        The combination of these changes removes the reliance on any
        particular directory naming convention.
        For example,
           With an 1812 version (API level):
           installed as /some/path/somewhere/openfoam-mySandbox
        This makes the -prefix, -foamInstall, -projectVersion, -version
        values of foamEtcFiles, and similar entries for foamConfigurePaths
        WM_PROJECT_INST_DIR is no longer required or used
      ENH: improve handling and discovery of ThirdParty
      - improve the flexibility and reusability of ThirdParty packs to cover
        various standard use cases:
          1. Unpacking initial release tar files with two parallel directories
             - OpenFOAM-v1812/
             - ThirdParty-v1812/
          2. With an adjusted OpenFOAM directory name, for whatever reason
             - OpenFOAM-v1812-myCustom/
             - openfoam-1812-other-info/
          3. Operating with/without ThirdParty directory
        To handle these use cases, the following discovery is used.
        Note PROJECT = the OpenFOAM directory `$WM_PROJECT_DIR`
             PREFIX = the parent directory
             API = `$WM_PROJECT_API`, as per `foamEtcFiles -show-api`
         0. PROJECT/ThirdParty
            - for single-directory installations
         1. PREFIX/ThirdParty-VERSION
            - this corresponds to the traditional approach
         2. PREFIX/ThirdParty-vAPI
            - allows for an updated value of VERSION (eg, v1812-myCustom)
              without requiring a renamed ThirdParty. The API value
              would still be '1812' and the original ThirdParty-v1812/
              would be found.
         3. PREFIX/ThirdParty-API
            - this is the same as the previous example, but using an unadorned
              API value. This also makes sense if the chosen version name also
              uses the unadorned API value in its naming
              (eg, 1812-patch190131, 1812.19W03)
         4. PREFIX/ThirdParty-common
            - permits maximum reuse for various versions, but only for
              experienced user who are aware of potential version
         Directory existence is checked as is the presence of an Allwmake file
         or a platforms/ directory. This reduces the potential of false positive
         matches and limits the selection to directories that are either
         with sources (has the Allwmake file), or pre-compiled binaries (has
         the platforms/ directory).
         If none of the explored directories are found to be suitable,
         it reverts to using a PROJECT/ThirdParty dummy location since
         this is within the project source tree and can be trusted to
         have no negative side-effects.
      ENH: add csh support to foamConfigurePaths
      - this removes the previously experienced inconsistence in config file
      REMOVED: foamExec
      - was previously used when switching versions and before the
        bashrc/cshrc discovery logic was added. It is now obsolete.
  17. 29 Nov, 2018 2 commits
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      ENH: relocate WM_PROJECT_SITE default (issue #1050) · 9e094f1f
      Mark Olesen authored
      - was PREFIX/site, now PROJECT/site
        This avoids several issues when installing OpenFOAM in clusters
        without an intermediate OpenFOAM-specific installation prefix.
        The 'site' directory may have a reserved meaning in these situations
        and it is undesirable to 'leak' upwards into the parent directory to
        look for configuration files.
        Placing the default within the project directory avoids this.
        Alternative locations can be given via the WM_PROJECT_SITE variable.
    • Mark Olesen's avatar
      STYLE: adjust wording, file-layout · be46f968
      Mark Olesen authored
      - comments in bashrc, cshrc.
      - about controlDict names for allowSystemOperations
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  22. 25 Jun, 2018 1 commit
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      CONFIG: eliminate most occurances of outdated FOAM_INST_DIR (issue #444) · 831a47b8
      Mark Olesen authored
      - since 1612, FOAM_INST_DIR and foamInstDir longer have any
        special meanings when sourcing the bashrc or cshrc files.
        Thus no need for special treatment in any of the dispatch wrappers.
        Retained FOAM_INST_DIR as (unexported) variable in etc/bashrc,
        just in case people are using patched versions of etc/bashrc
        as part of their installation.
      ENH: relax prefix restrictions on foamCreateVideo (issue #904)
      - shift the implicit '.' to be part of the default prefix. This allows
        things like "-image myimages_00" to work as might be expected.
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  31. 11 Jan, 2018 1 commit
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      ENH: improved handling of gmp/mpfr library settings (issue #674) · 110b00f0
      Mark Olesen authored
      - export library path for gmp/mpfr from CGAL config files.
        This is required when non-system gmp/mpfr libraries are being
        used, but not using a ThirdParty compiler installation.
      - automatically handle lib/ vs lib64/ (eg, for central installations)
        for packages such as boost, CGAL, etc. While the ThirdParty
        compilation of these will normally land in lib64/, this may not be
        the case when they are supplied by another means.
      - reworked the handling of foamEtcFile and foamCleanPath for less
        clutter in the configuration files.
        Added the bin/tools/lib-dir script to handle logic that is
        too complex to easily manage in csh.
  32. 20 Nov, 2017 1 commit
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  34. 18 Jul, 2018 1 commit
    • Mark Olesen's avatar
      ENH: more tuning parameters for user environment · a225d5f8
      Mark Olesen authored
        Suppress use of user/group configuration files.
        This is useful when packaging for a central installation.
      - allow additional user tuning of compiler settings.
        Per-compiler overrides in "compiler-$WM_COMPILER" files
  35. 10 Jul, 2018 1 commit
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  37. 15 Jun, 2018 1 commit