1. 03 Apr, 2020 4 commits
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      ENH: add low-level handling for abaqus files (#1600) · 497cdb50
      Mark Olesen authored
      - reads/write shell elements
        Output elements are "bunched" according to type and their set
        without reordering.
      - preliminary reading of solids without extraction.
        Handling of *Surface specifications is not implemented
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      ENH: refine geometry and field scaling for nastran and raw surfaces (#1600) · eeb050cc
      Mark Olesen authored
      - enhancement and potential breaking change.
        Nastran surface writer previously used the keyword 'scale' for
        field scaling, which was applied uniformly to all output fields.
        Change the meaning of 'scale' to be geometric scaling
        (consistent with reading triSurfaceMesh etc).
        New 'fieldScale' entry is an optional dictionary of scaling
                scale   1000;     // [m] -> [mm]
                   "p.*"   0.01;  // [Pa] -> [mbar]
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      ENH: support independent specification of surface read/write format (#1600) · 560c053b
      Mark Olesen authored
      - adjustments to internal handling to improve run-time addition of
        other formats (eg, with additional user library)
        For example, to write a binary STL with a '.stl' extension:
          $ surfaceMeshConvert input.obj  -write-format stlb  output.stl
        Or in a sampler,
        to specify the input type without ambiguity:
            type        meshedSurface;
            surface     sampling.inp;
            fileType    starcd;
            scale       0.001;
      STYLE: regularize naming for input/output scaling
        * -read-scale   (compat: -scaleIn)
        * -write-scale  (compat: -scaleOut)
      CONFIG: change edge/surface selection name for STARCD format
      - now select as "starcd" instead of "inp" to avoid naming ambiguity
        with abaqus
  2. 02 Apr, 2020 4 commits
  3. 01 Apr, 2020 3 commits
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      ENH: adjustments to error streams · 617b6027
      Mark Olesen authored
      - refactor common exit/abort code
      - support single-parameter output. Eg,
              << "Cannot load something\n"
              << exit(FatalError);
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      ENH: add a Pstream::shutdown() method (#1660) · 01f65054
      Mark Olesen authored
      - previously used a Pstream::exit() invoked from the argList
        destructor to handle all MPI shutdown, but this has the unfortunate
        side-effect of using a fixed return value for the program exit.
        Instead use the Pstream::shutdown() method in the destructor and allow
        the normal program exit codes as usual. This means that the
        following code now works as expected.
        argList args(...);
        if (...)
            InfoErr<< "some error\n";
            return 1;
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      GIT: remove unused files · b2a3e948
      Mark Olesen authored
      - orphaned file: extendedFeatureEdgeMeshI.H
      - unused primitiveFaceZone typedef.
        Identical to indirectPrimitivePatch typedef
  4. 30 Mar, 2020 1 commit
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  16. 16 Mar, 2020 6 commits
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      CONFIG: bump patch level · 80e40338
      Mark Olesen authored
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      BUG: missing output for foamDictionary -includes (closes #1635) · 794ab397
      Mark Olesen authored
      - log to stdout when explicitly enabled
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      CONFIG: improve prefix matching for system libraries (#1607) · fe17c8ad
      Mark Olesen authored
      - missed detection of system libraries when installed with multiarch
        paths like /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu
      CONFIG: improve handling of group/user config files (#928)
      - changed bashrc handling of FOAM_CONFIG_NOUSER to use
        FOAM_CONFIG_MODE instead. Propagate into foamEtcFile to make this
        a stickier control.
        This change allows better control, but also enables cluster
        installations to define their own value within the OpenFOAM prefs.sh
        file to prevent users accidentally mis-configuring things if
      - remove undocumented handling of an (a)ll mode in foamEtcFile to
        avoid potential pitfalls.
      - add support for FOAM_CONFIG_ETC handling.
        This allows injection of an extra search layer when finding
        project etc files
      ENH: improvements to foamConfigurePaths (#928)
      - handle FOAM_CONFIG_ETC implicitly, or explicitly with the new
        -etc option.
      STYLE: more explicit wording in foamConfigurePaths usage (#1602)
      - document that an absolute path (eg, -scotch-path) overrides/ignores
        the equivalent ThirdParty setting (eg, -scotch)
      - longer options -system-compiler and -third-compiler for -system
        and -third, respectively. Clearer as to their purpose.
      - adjust the location sanity check to look for META-INFO directory.
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      CONFIG: support FOAM_EXTRA_CXXFLAGS (#1256) · ac8b64df
      Mark Olesen authored
      - allows custom tuning of compilation parameters