1. 10 Aug, 2017 8 commits
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      ENH: use bash associative array for on-the-fly completion (issue #551) · ce086810
      Mark OLESEN authored
      - this reduces the number of functions and allows lazy loading of
        completion options, which makes it easy to quickly add any other
        OpenFOAM application in completion.
        The generic '_of_complete_' function handles (bash) completion for
        any OpenFOAM application. On the first call for any particular
        application, it retrieves the available options from the application
        help output and adds this information to its environmental cache for
        subsequent use.
      - Tcsh completion uses the same function via a bash wrapper.
        But since its wrapper is transient, the on-the-fly generation would
        be less efficient. For this case, a pre-generated completion_cache
        can be used, which is generated with
    • Andrew Heather's avatar
      Merge branch 'style-noiseDict-syntax' into 'develop' · 5f538909
      Andrew Heather authored
      STYLE: New syntax compatible with v1706 (Fixes #548)
      See merge request !131
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    • Mark OLESEN's avatar
      ENH: more graceful handling of invalid IOobject headers (issue #539) · 9923ec96
      Mark OLESEN authored
      - With special-purpose templating it is possible to have file contents
        that almost look like an OpenFOAM file, but which are not.
        The contents do not need to be deliberately tricky, even the simplest
            FoamFile is the first word parsed in OpenFOAM files
        will trigger problems.
        We now trap any IOerror on these and reject this type of file as invalid.
    • Mark OLESEN's avatar
      ENH: additional method for switching error throwing on/off (issue #552) · 797155f8
      Mark OLESEN authored
      - error::throwExceptions(bool) returning the previous state makes it
        easier to set and restore states.
      - throwing() method to query the current handling (if required).
      - the normal error::throwExceptions() and error::dontThrowExceptions()
        also return the previous state, to make it easier to restore later.
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