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      Merge branch 'feature-atmospheric-boundary-layer-model-suite' into 'develop' · 324e85a9
      Andrew Heather authored
      ENH: New atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) model suite (Part 1)
      See merge request !363
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      ENH: New atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) model suite (Part 1) · 41e264f2
      Kutalmis Bercin authored
        Please refer to the header file documentation for complete set of details.
        ENH: add new fvOptions for ABL modelling
          - atmAmbientTurbSource
          - atmBuoyancyTurbSource
          - atmCoriolisUSource
          - atmLengthScaleTurbSource
          - atmPlantCanopyTurbSource
          - atmPlantCanopyUSource
          - atmPlantCanopyTSource
          - atmNutSource
        ENH: add new boundary conditions for ABL modelling
             with PatchFunction1 and TimeFunction1 support
          - atmAlphatkWallFunction
          - atmEpsilonWallFunction
          - atmNutkWallFunction
          - atmNutUWallFunction
          - atmNutWallFunction
          - atmOmegaWallFunction
          - atmTurbulentHeatFluxTemperature
        STYLE: change names of nutkAtmRoughWallFunction -> atmNutkWallFunction by
               ensuring the bitwise backward compatibility
        ENH: add new variable-scaling force computation method to actuationDiskSource
        ENH: review actuationDiskSource and radialActuationDiskSource
        ENH: add new function object, ObukhovLength
        ENH: add new ABL tutorials/verifications
          - verificationAndValidation/atmosphericModels/atmFlatTerrain
            - verification with the Leipzig field experiment
            - illustration of precursor/successor field mapping
          - verificationAndValidation/atmosphericModels/atmForestStability
            - verification with the Sweden field experiment
          - update incompressible/simpleFoam/turbineSiting
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      Merge branch 'integration-vof-library' into 'develop' · 70cd6c61
      Andrew Heather authored
      CONT: Addition of compressibleIsoInterFoam and PLIC
      See merge request !349
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      CONT: Addition of compressibleIsoInterFOam and PLIC · 44a84d47
      Henning Scheufler authored
         1) Implementation of the compressibleIsoInterFOam solver
         2) Implementation of a new PLIC interpolation scheme.
         3) New tutorials associated with the solvers
      This implementation was carried out by Henning Scheufler (DLR) and Johan
      Roenby (DHI), following :
      Henning Scheufler, Johan Roenby,
      Accurate and efficient surface reconstruction from volume fraction data
      on general meshes, Journal of Computational Physics, 2019, doi
      The integration of the code was carried out by Andy Heather and Sergio
      Ferraris from OpenCFD Ltd.
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