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      functionObjects: rewritten to all be derived from 'functionObject' · 78d2971b
      Henry Weller authored
        - Avoids the need for the 'OutputFilterFunctionObject' wrapper
        - Time-control for execution and writing is now provided by the
          'timeControlFunctionObject' which instantiates the processing
          'functionObject' and controls its operation.
        - Alternative time-control functionObjects can now be written and
          selected at run-time without the need to compile wrapped version of
          EVERY existing functionObject which would have been required in the
          old structure.
        - The separation of 'execute' and 'write' functions is now formalized in the
          'functionObject' base-class and all derived classes implement the
          two functions.
        - Unnecessary implementations of functions with appropriate defaults
          in the 'functionObject' base-class have been removed reducing
          clutter and simplifying implementation of new functionObjects.
        - The 'coded' 'functionObject' has also been updated, simplified and tested.
        - Further simplification is now possible by creating some general
          intermediate classes derived from 'functionObject'.
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      Patches contributed by Mattijs Janssens: · ce0cd351
      Henry Weller authored
      splitMeshRegions: handle flipping of faces for surface fields
      subsetMesh: subset dimensionedFields
      decomposePar: use run-time selection of decomposition constraints. Used to
          keep cells on particular processors. See the decomposeParDict in
        - preserveBaffles: keep baffle faces on same processor
        - preserveFaceZones: keep faceZones owner and neighbour on same processor
        - preservePatches: keep owner and neighbour on same processor. Note: not
          suitable for cyclicAMI since these are not coupled on the patch level
        - singleProcessorFaceSets: keep complete faceSet on a single processor
        - refinementHistory: keep cells originating from a single cell on the
          same processor.
      decomposePar: clean up decomposition of refinement data from snappyHexMesh
      reconstructPar: reconstruct refinement data (refineHexMesh, snappyHexMesh)
      reconstructParMesh: reconstruct refinement data (refineHexMesh, snappyHexMesh)
        - corrected mapping surfaceFields
        - adding processor patches in order consistent with decomposePar
      argList: check that slaves are running same version as master
      fvMeshSubset: move to dynamicMesh library
        - support for mapping dimensionedFields
        - corrected mapping of surfaceFields
      parallel routines: allow parallel running on single processor
      Field: support for
        - distributed mapping
        - mapping with flipping
      mapDistribute: support for flipping
      AMIInterpolation: avoid constructing localPoints
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      Standardized the naming of functions which control the writing of fields etc. · 6164c2f2
      Henry Weller authored
      to have the prefix 'write' rather than 'output'
      So outputTime() -> writeTime()
      but 'outputTime()' is still supported for backward-compatibility.
      Also removed the redundant secondary-writing functionality from Time
      which has been superseded by the 'writeRegisteredObject' functionObject.
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      functionObjects: Changed options 'outputControl' -> 'writeControl' and... · c983670c
      Henry Weller authored
      functionObjects: Changed options 'outputControl' -> 'writeControl' and 'outputInterval' -> 'writeInterval'
      for consistency with the time controls in controlDict and to avoid
      unnecessary confusion.  All code and tutorials have been updated.
      The old names 'outputControl' and 'outputInterval' are but supported for
      backward compatibility but deprecated.
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    • Henry Weller's avatar
      writeVTK: New functionObject to write fields is VTK format · 1ab08752
      Henry Weller authored
          This functionObject writes objects registered to the database in VTK format
          using the foamToVTK library.
          Currently only the writing of the cell-values of volFields is supported but
          support for other field types, patch fields, Lagrangian data etc. will be
          Example of function object specification:
                  type        writeVTK;
                  functionObjectLibs ("libIOFunctionObjects.so");
                  objectNames (obj1 obj2);
          \heading Function object usage
              Property     | Description             | Required    | Default value
              type         | type name: writeVTK     | yes         |
              objectNames  | objects to write        | yes         |
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      applications/solvers/multiphase: Added -postProcess option · 38916e66
      Henry Weller authored
      See also commit cc455173
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    • Henry Weller's avatar
      interFoam: Added -postProcess option · fce8d031
      Henry Weller authored
      See also commit cc455173
      Resolves bug-report http://www.openfoam.org/mantisbt/view.php?id=1301
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      simpleFoam: Added experimental "-postProcess" option · cc455173
      Henry Weller authored
          Executes application functionObjects to post-process existing results.
          If the "dict" argument is specified the functionObjectList is constructed
          from that dictionary otherwise the functionObjectList is constructed from
          the "functions" sub-dictionary of "system/controlDict"
          Multiple time-steps may be processed and the standard utility time
          controls are provided.
      This functionality is equivalent to execFlowFunctionObjects but in a
      more efficient and general manner and will be included in all the
      OpenFOAM solvers if it proves effective and maintainable.
      The command-line options available with the "-postProcess" option may be
      obtained by
      simpleFoam -help -postProcess
      Usage: simpleFoam [OPTIONS]
        -case <dir>       specify alternate case directory, default is the cwd
        -constant         include the 'constant/' dir in the times list
        -dict <file>      read control dictionary from specified location
        -latestTime       select the latest time
        -newTimes         select the new times
                          do not execute functionObjects
        -noZero           exclude the '0/' dir from the times list, has precedence
                          over the -withZero option
        -parallel         run in parallel
        -postProcess      Execute functionObjects only
        -region <name>    specify alternative mesh region
        -roots <(dir1 .. dirN)>
                          slave root directories for distributed running
        -time <ranges>    comma-separated time ranges - eg, ':10,20,40:70,1000:'
        -srcDoc           display source code in browser
        -doc              display application documentation in browser
        -help             print the usage
      Henry G. Weller
      CFD Direct Ltd.
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