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      snappyHexMesh: Added "noRefinement" writeFlag to control the writing of... · 4e5dc434
      Henry Weller authored
      snappyHexMesh: Added "noRefinement" writeFlag to control the writing of cellLevel, pointLevel etc. files
      By default snappyHexMesh writes files relating to the hex-splitting process into
      the polyMesh directory: cellLevel level0Edge pointLevel surfaceIndex
      but by setting the noRefinement flag:
      these optional files which are generally not needed are not written.
      If you run the three stages of snappyHexMesh separately or run a dynamic mesh
      solver supporting refinement and unrefinement these files are needed
      and "noRefinement" should not be set.
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      blockMesh: Delete the polyMesh directory before meshing · 9b319dab
      Henry Weller authored
      unless the blockMeshDict is in the polyMesh directory or the "-noClean" option
      is specified.
      This avoids problems running snappyHexMesh without first clearing files from
      polyMesh which interfere with the operation of snappyHexMesh.
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      snappyHexMesh: Write correct refinement files once only · 192b5d91
      Henry Weller authored
      The files relating to the hex refinement are written out explicitly both by
      snappyHexMesh and dynamicRefineFvMesh and hence should be set "NO_WRITE" rather
      than "AUTO_WRITE" to avoid writing them twice.  This change corrects the
      handling of the "refinementHistory" file which should not be written by
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      TDACChemistryModel: Added support for variable time-step and LTS in ISAT · 7e22440d
      Henry Weller authored
      New reactingFoam tutorial counterFlowFlame2DLTS_GRI_TDAC demonstrates this new
      Additionally the ISAT table growth algorithm has been further optimized
      providing an overall speedup of between 15% and 38% for the tests run so far.
      Updates to TDAC and ISAT provided by Francesco Contino.
      Implementation updated and integrated into OpenFOAM-dev by
      Henry G. Weller, CFD Direct Ltd with the help of Francesco Contino.
      Original code providing all algorithms for chemistry reduction and
      tabulation contributed by Francesco Contino, Tommaso Lucchini, Gianluca
      D’Errico, Hervé Jeanmart, Nicolas Bourgeois and Stéphane Backaert.