1. 07 Jan, 2017 3 commits
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      TDACChemistryModel: Added support for variable time-step and LTS in ISAT · 7e22440d
      Henry Weller authored
      New reactingFoam tutorial counterFlowFlame2DLTS_GRI_TDAC demonstrates this new
      Additionally the ISAT table growth algorithm has been further optimized
      providing an overall speedup of between 15% and 38% for the tests run so far.
      Updates to TDAC and ISAT provided by Francesco Contino.
      Implementation updated and integrated into OpenFOAM-dev by
      Henry G. Weller, CFD Direct Ltd with the help of Francesco Contino.
      Original code providing all algorithms for chemistry reduction and
      tabulation contributed by Francesco Contino, Tommaso Lucchini, Gianluca
      D’Errico, Hervé Jeanmart, Nicolas Bourgeois and Stéphane Backaert.
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      Rationalized the keyword to specify a file name in a dictionary to 'file' · 126125c1
      Henry Weller authored
      e.g. in tutorials/heatTransfer/buoyantSimpleFoam/externalCoupledCavity/0/T
              type            externalCoupledTemperature;
              commsDir        "${FOAM_CASE}/comms";
              file            "data";
              initByExternal  yes;
              log             true;
              value           uniform 307.75; // 34.6 degC
      Previously both 'file' and 'fileName' were used inconsistently in different
      classes and given that there is no confusion or ambiguity introduced by using
      the simpler 'file' rather than 'fileName' this change simplifies the use and
      maintenance of OpenFOAM.
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      triSurfaceMesh: Added support for specifying the tri-surface file name: · c0900fcd
      Henry Weller authored
          type triSurfaceMesh;
          file "motorBike.obj";
      Based on patch provided by Mattijs Janssens
      Resolves part of bug-report https://bugs.openfoam.org/view.php?id=2396
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      functionObjects::volRegion: Improved parallel efficiency · 83a874cd
      Henry Weller authored
      Based on patch contributed by Kevin Nordin-Bates
      Resolves bug-report https://bugs.openfoam.org/view.php?id=2401
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      reactingFoam::setRDeltaT: Add support for limiting the local time-step by the reaction rates · 6cae0fda
      Henry Weller authored
      e.g. in the reactingFoam/laminar/counterFlowFlame2DLTS tutorial:
          momentumPredictor no;
          nOuterCorrectors  1;
          nCorrectors     1;
          nNonOrthogonalCorrectors 0;
          maxDeltaT       1e-2;
          maxCo           1;
          alphaTemp       0.05;
          alphaY          0.05;
              O2          0.1;
              ".*"        1;
          rDeltaTSmoothingCoeff 1;
          rDeltaTDampingCoeff 1;
      will limit the LTS time-step according to the rate of consumption of 'O2'
      normalized by the reference mass-fraction of 0.1 and all other species
      normalized by the reference mass-fraction of 1.  Additionally the time-step
      factor of 'alphaY' is applied to all species.  Only the species specified in the
      'Yref' sub-dictionary are included in the LTS limiter and if 'alphaY' is omitted
      or set to 1 the reaction rates are not included in the LTS limiter.
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      Rationalized heat release rate functions · b99817d9
      Henry Weller authored
      Combined 'dQ()' and 'Sh()' into 'Qdot()' which returns the heat-release rate in
      the normal units [kg/m/s3] and used as the heat release rate source term in
      the energy equations, to set the field 'Qdot' in several combustion solvers
      and for the evaluation of the local time-step when running LTS.
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