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    • Mark Olesen's avatar
      ENH: add globalPath() to argList and TimePaths · 69f6f638
      Mark Olesen authored
      - simply combines (rootPath()/globalCaseName())
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      meshSearch: Prevent hang in calculation of line-boundary intersections · 911ea108
      Will Bainbridge authored
      This fix changes how the intersections loop ignores previously
      intersected faces. It now marks them by their index so that subsequent
      iterations ignore them.
      Before this change, after an intersection was found the start point was
      advanced by a small amount to move the past the intersection. The
      problem with this was if multiple boundary faces or the end point were
      in close proximity to the intersection then the move forward might span
      them. This could lead to intersections being missed or counted multiple
      times, in some cases indefinitely.
      Based on a patch contributed by Mattijs Janssens
      Resolves bug report https://bugs.openfoam.org/view.php?id=1147
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    • Mark Olesen's avatar
      ENH: allow new patch names in subsetMesh (issue #1019) · d0da21fe
      Mark Olesen authored
      Previously had 3 possibilities for handling exposed internal faces
        1. use default "oldInternalFaces"
        2. specify -patch, to use the specified (existing) patch
        3. specify -patches, to use the geometrically closest patches
      Now relaxed the restriction on -patch to allow specification of a new
      (not yet existing) patch name. This improves flexibility, but won't
      catch typing mistakes.
      Harmonize behaviour of -patches and -patch. When -patches is used to
      specify a single, non-regex patch name, it now behaves identically to
      -patch. Since the getList handling for options already allows special
      treatment for single parameter lists, the following will work
            subsetMesh -patch  patch0
            subsetMesh -patches patch0
            subsetMesh -patches '( patch0 )'
      In the future it might be reasonable to fully combine the behaviour of
      '-patch' and '-patches' and treat them as aliases for each other.
      ENH: support subsetMesh on a cellZone.
      - when the '-zone' option is specified, the command argument is treated
        as the name (or names) of cellZones to be selected instead of as the
        name of the cellSet.
        The command argument can be a single word, regex, or list of
            subsetMesh -zone -patch mypatch  mixer
            subsetMesh -zone -patch mypatch  '(mixer "moving.*" )'
      STYLE: simplify set handling and other code cleanup in subsetMesh
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