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      INT: Org integration of VOF, Euler phase solvers and models. · 8170f2ad
      Sergio Ferraris authored
      Integration of VOF MULES new interfaces. Update of VOF solvers and all instances
      of MULES in the code.
      Integration of reactingTwoPhaseEuler and reactingMultiphaseEuler solvers and sub-models
      Updating reactingEuler tutorials accordingly (most of them tested)
      New eRefConst thermo used in tutorials. Some modifications at thermo specie level
      affecting mostly eThermo. hThermo mostly unaffected
      New chtMultiRegionTwoPhaseEulerFoam solver for quenching and tutorial.
      Phases sub-models for reactingTwoPhaseEuler and reactingMultiphaseEuler were moved
      to src/phaseSystemModels/reactingEulerFoam in order to be used by BC for
      Update of interCondensatingEvaporatingFoam solver.
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    • Mark OLESEN's avatar
    • Mark OLESEN's avatar
      BUG: fix spurious time indexing in collated ensight output (#1333) · 298cb465
      Mark OLESEN authored
      - need additional tolerance when comparing time values to those
        stored in the fieldDict (both less and equal operators)
    • kuti's avatar
      ENH: FO: Lamb vector · 6cb7e80d
      kuti authored
        - If applied:
            This commit allows the user to compute:
              - the Lamb vector (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lamb_vector),
              - on-the-fly or via postProcess utility
              - for a given volVectorField (one per functionObject entry)
        - Why:
            The motivation is the literature-reported quantitative connection
            between the Lamb vector (divergence) and the spatially localised
            instantaneous fluid motions, e.g. high- and low-momentum fluid
            parcels, which possess considerable level of capacity to affect
            the rate of change of momentum, and to generate forces such as drag.
        - Verification:
            - Smooth-wall plane channel flow case (Moser et al. 1999) by
                # Curtis et al. (2008) On the Lamb vector divergence
                  in Navier–Stokes flows, doi:10.1017/S0022112008002760
        - What's next:
            - The verification-show case
            - Extended code guide entry titled "Lamb vector"
    • Mark OLESEN's avatar
      ENH: improved handling of regIOobject deletion (#1276) · e120df09
      Mark OLESEN authored
      - remove registration and ownership before deleting a regIOobject
        from within objectRegistry to avoid possible recursion.
      - regIOobject destructor now removes any registered object from
        registry regardless if ownedByRegistry or not. It also removes
        always removes the ownership flag to avoid possible recursion.
      - the regIOobject::checkOut() now unconditionally clears file watches.
        These will only be there if the object is registered (a no-op for an
        unregistered object), but this additional safety is needed to manage
        case where the registration has been modified elsewhere (eg, by the
    • Kutalmış Berçin's avatar
      BUG: incorrect scalar/complex division (#1331) · e42cc287
      Kutalmış Berçin authored
      ENH: define addition/subtraction operations for scalar and complex
      - required since construct complex from scalar is explicit
      - additional tests in Test-complex
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    • Andrew Heather's avatar
      ENH: Added new hydrostatic pressure function object · 1523160c
      Andrew Heather authored
      Calculates and outputs the pressure fields p_rgh and ph_rgh based on the
      option that was previously hard-coded in the fireFoam solver
          Example of function object specification to calculate hydrostatic pressure:
              type        hydrostaticPressure;
              libs        ("libinitialisationFunctionObjects.so");
          Where the entries comprise:
              Property     | Description             | Required    | Default value
              log          | Log to standard output  | no          | yes
              p_rgh        | Name of p_rgh field     | no          | p_rgh
              ph_rgh       | Name of ph_rgh field    | no          | ph_rgh
              pRef         | Name of pressure ref field | no       | pRef
              rho          | Name of density field   | no          | rho
              U            | Name of velocity field  | no          | U
              gh           | Name of gravity*height volume field  | no | gh
              ghf          | Name of gravity*height surface field | no | ghf
              nCorrectors  | Number of correctors when solving ph_rgh | no | 5
          Calculates the hydrostatic pressure on construction/re-initialisation;
          the execute and write functions are not used.
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    • Mark OLESEN's avatar
      ENH: support all 12 Euler rotation orders (#1292) · 6c8f6a2f
      Mark OLESEN authored
      - adjust naming of quaternion 'rotationSequence' to be 'eulerOrder'
        to reflect its purpose.
      - provide rotation matrices directly for these rotation orders in
        coordinateRotations::euler for case in which the rotation tensor
        is required but not a quaternion.
  18. 08 May, 2019 2 commits