1. 08 Jun, 2020 1 commit
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      ENH: support FOAM_MODULE_PREFIX to guide location of module builds (#1721) · 934d0bd7
      Mark Olesen authored
      - When compiling additional modules or user code, we need more control
        for the installation locations beyond the usual FOAM_USER_LIBBIN,
        FOAM_SITE_LIBBIN, FOAM_LIBBIN, and wish to have these values be
        modifiable without editing files.
      - provide wmake rules for handling standard defaults:
          * GENERAL_RULES/module-path-user
          * GENERAL_RULES/module-path-group
          * GENERAL_RULES/module-path-project
        which are incorporated as follows:
            include $(GENERAL_RULES)/module-path-user
            LIB = $(FOAM_MODULE_LIBBIN)/libMyLibrary
        By default these would compile into FOAM_USER_{APPBIN,LIBBIN} but
        could be adjusted at compilation time. For example,
      wmake -module-prefix=/path/my-install-location
      ./Allwmake -module-prefix=/path/my-install-location
      ./Allwmake -prefix=/path/my-install-location
      FOAM_MODULE_PREFIX=/path/my-install-location ./Allwmake
      ENH: add -no-recursion option for AllwmakeParseArguments
      - more descriptive naming than the -fromWmake option (still supported)
      - remove wmake/scripts/wmake.{cmake,wmake}-args since the -prefix
        handling and -no-recursion is now directly handled by AllwmakeParseArguments