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      Rename DataEntry -> Function1 · 968c888f
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      Function1 is an abstract base-class of run-time selectable unary
      functions which may be composed of other Function1's allowing the user
      to specify complex functions of a single scalar variable, e.g. time.
      The implementations need not be a simple or continuous functions;
      interpolated tables and polynomials are also supported.  In fact form of
      mapping between a single scalar input and a single primitive type output
      is supportable.
      The primary application of Function1 is in time-varying boundary
      conditions, it also used for other functions of time, e.g. injected mass
      is spray simulations but is not limited to functions of time.
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      DataEntry/Sine: Corrected typo · c3f6a149
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      DataEntry/Sine: New DataEntryType which evaluates a sin function with offset · 96f2e3f3
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          Templated sine function with support for an offset level.
                  a sin(2 \pi f (t - t_0)) s + l
              a       | Amplitude
              f       | Frequency [1/s]
              s       | Type scale factor
              l       | Type offset level
              t_0     | Start time [s]
              t       | Time [s]
          Example for a scalar:
              <entryName> sine;
                  frequency 10;
                  amplitude 0.1;
                  scale     2e-6;
                  level     2e-6;
          Example for a vector:
              <entryName> sine;
                  frequency 10;
                  amplitude 1;
                  scale     (1 0.1 0);
                  level     (10 1 0);
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      Added support for ParaView-5.0.0 · 7ec6f28c
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      PV4FoamReaders: Updated to build with ParaView-5.0.0
      paraFoam: Updated to load PV4FoamReaders for ParaView-5.0.0
      Currently this is experimental but if it becomes clear that ParaView-4
      and ParaView-5 are and will remain consistent with respect to readers
      the plan is to rename
      PV4 -> PV
      PV4 -> PV45 if it is assumed that PV6 may need to be different.
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      fieldAverage: Added periodicRestart option and rationalized naming of restart options · 451cc4e6
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          When restarting form a previous calculation, the averaging is continuous or
          may be restarted using the \c restartOnRestart option.
          The averaging process may be restarted after each calculation output time
          using the \c restartOnOutput option or restarted periodically using the \c
          periodicRestart option and setting \c restartPeriod to the required
          averaging period.
          Example of function object specification:
              type fieldAverage;
              functionObjectLibs ("libfieldFunctionObjects.so");
              restartOnRestart  false;
              restartOnOutput   false;
              periodicRestart false;
              restartPeriod   0.002;
                      mean            on;
                      prime2Mean      on;
                      base            time;
                      window          10.0;
                      windowName      w1;
                      mean            on;
                      prime2Mean      on;
                      base            time;
          \heading Function object usage
              Property        | Description           | Required    | Default value
              type            | type name: fieldAverage | yes |
              restartOnRestart  | Restart the averaging on restart | no | no
              restartOnOutput   | Restart the averaging on output | no | no
              periodicRestart | Periodically restart the averaging | no | no
              restartPeriod   | Periodic restart period | conditional |
              fields          | list of fields and averaging options | yes |
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      wmake: Update comments · cd265693
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      wmake: Add support for compiler type default rules · c3a03105
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      which may be optionally overridden by version-specific rules.
      For example the default rules for gcc on GNU/Linux x86_64 are in the
      wmake/rules/linux64Gcc directory.  If there is a need to change any of
      the rules for a specific version of gcc, e.g. gcc-4.8.4 the directory
      wmake/rules/linux64Gcc48 may be created into which any of the language
      files may be provided containing the rules to override the defaults.
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