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      Squashed commit of the following: · 7e6faf04
      mattijs authored
      commit 510b9353f8cb932a87f1588b17a4dea230c29d3c
      Author: mattijs <mattijs>
      Date:   Wed Jun 14 16:36:35 2017 +0100
          ENH: timeControl: propagate time-change logic from Time.C
      commit 6dc57a8f1e0e7605ea819deb6f11dd4b7874ff30
      Author: mattijs <mattijs>
      Date:   Thu Jun 1 11:28:56 2017 +0100
          ENH: timeControl: cleanup; avoid division by zero
      commit 5ac4bc2dd8c1f4676eef9d7a03215caba23a2e19
      Author: mattijs <mattijs>
      Date:   Wed May 31 12:04:52 2017 +0100
          ENH: timeControl: allow ramping down as well as up.
      commit a6b2db9e791f29258f04f3a9cbd6354aa468977d
      Author: mattijs <mattijs>
      Date:   Wed May 17 15:29:22 2017 +0100
          ENH: timeControl: limit any timestep change if deltaTCoeff enabled.
      commit 004115ee03a6637ae0d23cce303a30d1b3af046f
      Author: mattijs <mattijs>
      Date:   Wed May 17 11:40:26 2017 +0100
          ENH: setTimeStep: have timeStart, timeEnd controls on time step adjustment.
          Also added smoothly varying time step change (through optional deltaTCoeff)
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      COMP: hash-table size overflow with 64-bit labels (fixes #498) · 710f23aa
      Mark Olesen authored
      - Requires (1L << N) instead of (1 << N), otherwise it overflows
        and the result is zero.
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      ENH: overset: Initial release of overset capability. · fd665b4a
      mattijs authored
      Adds overset discretisation to selected physics:
      - diffusion : overLaplacianDyMFoam
      - incompressible steady : overSimpleFoam
      - incompressible transient : overPimpleDyMFoam
      - compressible transient: overRhoPimpleDyMFoam
      - two-phase VOF: overInterDyMFoam
      The overset method chosen is a parallel, fully implicit implementation
      whereby the interpolation (from donor to acceptor) is inserted as an
      adapted discretisation on the donor cells, such that the resulting matrix
      can be solved using the standard linear solvers.
      Above solvers come with a set of tutorials, showing how to create and set-up
      simple simulations from scratch.
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      COMP: explicit handling of fallthrough cases · d7a4088c
      Mark Olesen authored
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      ENH: Enum class as drop-in alternative for NamedEnum · 8afc6cbd
      Mark Olesen authored
      - the NamedEnum wrapper is somewhate too rigid.
        * All enumerated values are contiguous, starting as zero.
        * The implicit one-to-one mapping precludes using it for aliases.
        * For example, perhaps we want to support alternative lookup names for an
          enumeration, or manage an enumeration lookup for a sub-range.
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      COMP: Hash.H was not included with HashTable/HashSet · 77a5b99e
      Mark Olesen authored
      - was only included indirectly via FixedList.H
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      STYLE: use std::pair (not Tuple2) in conjunction with std::initializer_list · c6c79ab3
      Mark Olesen authored
      - no penalty compared to Tuple2, potential future benefits with C++
        constructor forwarding.
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      ENH: cleanup of NamedEnum · fb497164
      Mark Olesen authored
      - Remove the unused enums() method since it delivers wholly unreliable
        results. It is not guaranteed to cover the full enumeration range,
        but only the listed names.
      - Remove the unused strings() method.
        Duplicated functionality of the words(), but was never used.
      - Change access of words() method from static to object.
        Better code isolation. Permits the constructor to take over
        as the single point of failure for bad input.
      - Add values() method
      - do not expose internal (HashTable) lookup since it makes it more
        difficult to enforce constness and the implementation detail should
        not be exposed. However leave toc() and sortedToc() for the interface.
      STYLE: relocated NamedEnum under primitives (was containers)
      - internal typedef as 'value_type' for some consistency with STL conventions
  19. 26 May, 2017 4 commits
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      BUG: non-lazy PackedList (fixes #484) · dd54aa30
      Mark Olesen authored
      - The unset() method never auto-vivifies, whereas the set() method
        always auto-vivifies. In the case where set() is called with a zero
        for its argument - eg, set(index, 0) - this should behave
        identically to an unset() and not auto-vivify out-of-range entries.
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      ENH: HashTable cfind() method returning a const_iterator · b8300759
      Mark Olesen authored
      - This follows the same idea as cbegin/cend and is helpful when using
        C++11 auto to ensure we have unambiguous const-safe access.
          typename someLongClass::const_iterator iter = someTable.find(key);
          ... later on:
          *iter = value; // Oops, but caught by compiler.
        We can save some typing with auto, but it is uncertain what we get:
          auto iter = someTable.find(key);
              // iterator or const_iterator?
              // depends on someTable having const or non-const access.
          ... later on:
          *iter = value;  // Oops, but not caught by compiler.
        Using cfind instead, auto will deduce const_iterator as the type:
          auto iter = someTable.cfind(key);  // definitely const_iterator
          ... later on:
          *iter = value; // Oops, but caught by compiler.
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