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      DOC: update BuildIssues for mingw changes · a85446ca
      Mark Olesen authored
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      COMP: wmake findObjectDir fails for non-project directories (fixes #1807) · dd1c2edb
      Mark Olesen authored
      - experienced while reusing src/Pstream/Allwmake-mpi to create
        additional mpi-layers after installation. Since the copied sources
        are not located within the OpenFOAM source-tree (and/or the
        source-tree is non-writable), it should not and does not use the
        central build/WM_OPTIONS directory.
        However, when exploring for the appropriate local Make directory, it
        searched for the current '.' directory instead of checking for the
        resolved directory.
        This fails, since there is no src/Pstream/Make directory.
        Must check for src/Pstream/mpi/Make directory first!
      - Adjust wclean to always remove a local build directory
        (Make/WM_OPTIONS) for additional safety.
        After which, attempt to remove central build/WM_OPTIONS version too.
  10. 11 Aug, 2020 3 commits
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      ENH: add bin/tools/createMingwRuntime helper · 18c68e6b
      Mark Olesen authored
        Script to copy/create mingw run-time installation from the Linux
        cross-compilation. Packs everything into a tar or a zip file.
        To accommodate Windows, all .dll files are also placed in the
        platforms bin/ directory where they are easily found via the PATH.
        Futhermore, ThirdParty dll files (including those from mingw itself)
        are also placed in the same directory.
        - bundles common files and directories (bin, etc, META-INFO, ...)
        - copies .exe files from FOAM_APPBIN and .dll files from FOAM_LIBBIN
          to the new target platforms/win64MingwDPInt32Opt/bin.
        - copies mingw sys-root .dll files to the new target
        - copies other ThirdParty dll files (scotch, fftw, etc) to
        - copies tutorials (can be deactivated)
          Can only be called when the linux64Mingw environment is active.
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      ENH: improvements for FOAM_CONFIG_ETC · a6e86caa
      Mark Olesen authored
      - handle relative directory names for FOAM_CONFIG_ETC
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      ENH: support construct/reset refPtr from autoPtr and unique_ptr (#1775) · 6a1efe3b
      Mark Olesen authored
      - makes it easier to use in combination with various 'New' selectors,
        which mostly return an autoPtr.
      ENH: add very simple FFT test
      - basic sanity test that the library links properly
  11. 10 Aug, 2020 2 commits
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      ENH: direct access to wrapped ifstream/ofstream with compression (#1805) · 6e2b7be9
      Mark Olesen authored
      - previously hidden as Detail::[IO]FstreamAllocator, now exposed
        directly as [io]fstreamPointer, which allows reuse for
        std::ifstream, std::ofstream wrapping, without the additional
        ISstream, OSstream layers.
        These stream pointers have some characteristics similar to a
      - restrict direct gzstream usage to two files (fstreamPointers.C,
        gzstream.C) which improves localization and makes it simpler to
        enable/disable with the `HAVE_LIBZ` define.
        The HAVE_LIBZ define is currently simply hard-coded in the
        If compiled WITHOUT libz support:
          - reading gz files : FatalError
          - writing gz files : emit warning and downgrade to uncompressed
          - warn if compression is specified in the case controlDict
            and downgrade to uncompressed
      ENH: minor updates to gzstream interface for C++11
      - support construct/open with std::string for the file names.
      CONFIG: provisioning for have_libz detection as wmake/script
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