1. 21 May, 2016 4 commits
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  4. 16 May, 2016 4 commits
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      functionObjects::icoUncoupledKinematicCloud: tracks a uncoupled kinematic particle cloud · 947fdf84
      Henry Weller authored
          This Foam::functionObject tracks a uncoupled kinematic particle cloud in the
          specified velocity field of an incompressible flow (laminar, RANS or LES).
          It may be used in conjunction with any transient single-phase incompressible
          flow solver such as \c pisoFoam or \c pimpleFoam and tracks the particles or
          parcels without affecting the the flow-field.
          The \c kinematicCloud requires the the density of the fluid which is
          looked-up from \c constant/transportProperties dictionary and the
          acceleration due to gravity which is read from the \c constant/g file if
          present or defaults to zero.
          The \c kinematicCloud properties are read from the \c
          constant/kinematicCloudProperties dictionary in the usual manner.
          Example of function object specification:
                  libs ("liblagrangianFunctionObjects.so");
                  type icoUncoupledKinematicCloud;
          \heading Function object usage
              Property | Description                     | Required   | Default value
              type     | Type name: icoUncoupledKinematicCloud | yes  |
              U        | Name of the velocity field       | no        | U
              kinematicCloud | Name of the kinematicCloud | no        | kinematicCloud
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      functionObjects: Renamed dictionary entry 'functionObjectLibs' -> 'libs' · 83bae2ef
      Henry Weller authored
      This changes simplifies the specification of functionObjects in
      controlDict and is consistent with the 'libs' option in controlDict to
      load special solver libraries.
      Support for the old 'functionObjectLibs' name is supported for backward compatibility.
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      functionObjects: Added regionFunctionObject and fvMeshFunctionObject intermediate base-classes · fd38002d
      Henry Weller authored
      to simplify writing common functionObjects and avoid unnecessary code duplication
  5. 15 May, 2016 2 commits
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      Updates to script documentation · 248ab459
      Henry Weller authored
      Patch contributed by Bruno Santos
      Resolves text report http://bugs.openfoam.org/view.php?id=2089
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      functionObjects: rewritten to all be derived from 'functionObject' · 78d2971b
      Henry Weller authored
        - Avoids the need for the 'OutputFilterFunctionObject' wrapper
        - Time-control for execution and writing is now provided by the
          'timeControlFunctionObject' which instantiates the processing
          'functionObject' and controls its operation.
        - Alternative time-control functionObjects can now be written and
          selected at run-time without the need to compile wrapped version of
          EVERY existing functionObject which would have been required in the
          old structure.
        - The separation of 'execute' and 'write' functions is now formalized in the
          'functionObject' base-class and all derived classes implement the
          two functions.
        - Unnecessary implementations of functions with appropriate defaults
          in the 'functionObject' base-class have been removed reducing
          clutter and simplifying implementation of new functionObjects.
        - The 'coded' 'functionObject' has also been updated, simplified and tested.
        - Further simplification is now possible by creating some general
          intermediate classes derived from 'functionObject'.
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  7. 12 May, 2016 2 commits
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      Standardized the naming of functions which control the writing of fields etc. · 6164c2f2
      Henry Weller authored
      to have the prefix 'write' rather than 'output'
      So outputTime() -> writeTime()
      but 'outputTime()' is still supported for backward-compatibility.
      Also removed the redundant secondary-writing functionality from Time
      which has been superseded by the 'writeRegisteredObject' functionObject.
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      functionObjects: Changed options 'outputControl' -> 'writeControl' and... · c983670c
      Henry Weller authored
      functionObjects: Changed options 'outputControl' -> 'writeControl' and 'outputInterval' -> 'writeInterval'
      for consistency with the time controls in controlDict and to avoid
      unnecessary confusion.  All code and tutorials have been updated.
      The old names 'outputControl' and 'outputInterval' are but supported for
      backward compatibility but deprecated.
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  15. 30 Apr, 2016 3 commits
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      GeometricField: Renamed internalField() -> primitiveField() and... · 3c053c2f
      Henry Weller authored
      GeometricField: Renamed internalField() -> primitiveField() and dimensionedInternalField() -> internalField()
      These new names are more consistent and logical because:
          Provides low-level access to the Field<Type> (primitive field)
          without dimension or mesh-consistency checking.  This should only be
          used in the low-level functions where dimensional consistency is
          ensured by careful programming and computational efficiency is
          Provides access to the DimensionedField<Type, GeoMesh> of values on
          the internal mesh-type for which the GeometricField is defined and
          supports dimension and checking and mesh-consistency checking.
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      GeometricField::dimensionedInteralFieldRef() -> GeometricField::ref() · ccd958a8
      Henry Weller authored
      In order to simplify expressions involving dimensioned internal field it
      is preferable to use a simpler access convention.  Given that
      GeometricField is derived from DimensionedField it is simply a matter of
      de-referencing this underlying type unlike the boundary field which is
      peripheral information.  For consistency with the new convention in
      "tmp"  "dimensionedInteralFieldRef()" has been renamed "ref()".
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      functionObjectFile: Separated into functionObjectFile and functionObjectFiles · 67e2d028
      Henry Weller authored
      functionObjectFile provides basic directory, file and formatting functions
      functionObjectFiles provides multi-file cache
  16. 28 Apr, 2016 2 commits
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      functionObjects/field/histogram: New functionObject to write the... · 81041e5d
      Henry Weller authored
      functionObjects/field/histogram: New functionObject to write the volume-weighted histogram of a volScalarField
              type            histogram;
              functionObjectLibs ("libfieldFunctionObjects.so");
              field           p;
              nBins           100;
              min             -5;
              max             5;
              setFormat       gnuplot;
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      GeometricField::GeometricBoundaryField -> GeometricField::Boundary · ea5401c7
      Henry Weller authored
      When the GeometricBoundaryField template class was originally written it
      was a separate class in the Foam namespace rather than a sub-class of
      GeometricField as it is now.  Without loss of clarity and simplifying
      code which access the boundary field of GeometricFields it is better
      that GeometricBoundaryField be renamed Boundary for consistency with the
      new naming convention for the type of the dimensioned internal field:
      Internal, see commit 4a57b9be
      This is a very simple text substitution change which can be applied to
      any code which compiles with the OpenFOAM-dev libraries.