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      BUG: foamToVTK -cellSet produces rubbish or segfault (closes #516) · 6dd5a5f3
      Mark OLESEN authored
      - erroneous double logic for subset meshes.
        The underlying vtk::vtuCells uses a cellMap to map into a global
        field, which also allows handling of decomposed polyhedral cells.
        If a mesh subset is involved (eg, cellSet, cellZone), then the
        set/zone cellMap can be used to ensure that the original number is
        properly adjusted. For foamToVTK, the meshSubsetHelper already
        does the subsetting and is used when loading fields.
        Does not affect ParaView reader module since there we work on the
        full field and do the subsetting manually (using the cellMap).
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      ENH: integration of lumpedPointMotion · c0b38033
      Mark OLESEN authored
      - This provides a mechanism for moving mesh patches based on external
        input (eg, from an external structures solver). The patch points are
        influenced by the position and rotation of the lumped points.
        BC:  lumpedPointDisplacementPointPatchVectorField
        Controlling mechanisms:
        - externalCoupler
          for coordinating the master/slave
        - lumpedPointMovement
          manages the patch-points motion, but also for extracting forces/moments
        - lumpedPointState
          represents the positions/rotations of the controlling points
        - lumpedPointZones
          diagnostic for visualizing the correspondence between controlling
          points and patch faces
        - lumpedPointMovement
          Test that the patch motion is as desired without invoking moveMesh.
          With the -slave option, return items from a precalculated table
          for the lumpedPointDisplacementPointPatchVectorField BC.
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      Deleting alphaEqn.H from overInterDyMFoam · 4418c192
      sergio authored
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      INT: Integration of isoAdvector and supporting material · a6ef8b90
      Andrew Heather authored
      Community contribution from Johan Roenby, DHI
      IsoAdvector is a geometric Volume-of-Fluid method for advection of a
      sharp interface between two incompressible fluids. It works on both
      structured and unstructured meshes with no requirements on cell shapes.
      IsoAdvector is as an alternative choice for the interface compression
      treatment with the MULES limiter implemented in the interFoam family
      of solvers.
      The isoAdvector concept and code was developed at DHI and was funded
      by a Sapere Aude postdoc grant to Johan Roenby from The Danish Council
      for Independent Research | Technology and Production Sciences (Grant-ID:
      DFF - 1337-00118B - FTP).
      Co-funding is also provided by the GTS grant to DHI from the Danish
      Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation.
      The ideas behind and performance of the isoAdvector scheme is
      documented in:
          Roenby J, Bredmose H, Jasak H. 2016 A computational method for sharp
          interface  advection. R. Soc. open sci. 3: 160405.
      Videos showing isoAdvector's performance with a number of standard
      test cases can be found in this youtube channel:
      Project contributors:
      * Johan Roenby <jro@dhigroup.com> (Inventor and main developer)
      * Hrvoje Jasak <hrvoje.jasak@fsb.hr> (Consistent treatment of
        boundary faces including processor boundaries, parallelisation,
        code clean up
      * Henrik Bredmose <hbre@dtu.dk> (Assisted in the conceptual
      * Vuko Vukcevic <vuko.vukcevic@fsb.hr> (Code review, profiling,
        porting to foam-extend, bug fixing, testing)
      * Tomislav Maric <tomislav@sourceflux.de> (Source file
      * Andy Heather <a.heather@opencfd.co.uk> (Integration into OpenFOAM
        for v1706 release)
      See the integration repository below to see the full set of changes
      implemented for release into OpenFOAM v1706
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      INT: Integration of rhoPimpleAdiabaticFoam · ead256f5
      Andrew Heather authored
      Solver for low Mach no. flows with adiabatic thermodynamics and updated
      pressure-velocity coupling given by the RCM interpolation procedure
      described in
              Knacke, T. (2013).
              Potential effects of Rhie & Chow type interpolations in airframe
              noise simulations. In: Schram, C., Dénos, R., Lecomte E. (ed):
              Accurate and efficient aeroacoustic prediction approaches for
              airframe noise, VKI LS 2013-03.
      Original code supplied by Thilo Knacke, CFD E+F GmbH
      contact: info@cfd-berlin.com
      Integrated into OpenFOAM by OpenCFD Ltd.
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      Modification on rhoPimpleFoam pEq's for handling rho thermo and incompressible... · d1b65153
      sergio authored
      Modification on rhoPimpleFoam pEq's for handling rho thermo and incompressible EoS. Adding rho limiters if p is limited.
      This is important when LTS stepping or large Co number is used.
      Updating rhoBuoyantPimpleFoam to handle closed domain for rho thermo and incompressible Eos.
      Consolidating chtMultiRegionSimpleFoam and chtMultiRegionFoam pEqs to use the same formulation as rhoBuoyantPimpleFoam and