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      Merge branch 'feature-FO_execute_on_end' into 'develop' · 34ecb746
      Andrew Heather authored
      ENH: functionObjects: call execute on last time step
      - old convention was that on last time step it would only call end()
      and not execute()
      - however this meant that e.g. the functionObjectProperties file
      did not get written
      - and almost all functionObjects were doing an execute() inside of end()
      - new convention: call execute() on last time step, just before doing end()
      See merge request !24
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      BUG: objectRegistry: do not clear event number on dependent objects · 9298d68a
      mattijs authored
      This was causing same event number on both U and grad(U) which meant
      that if one of the processors had different event number the trigger
      of gradient caching would not be synchronised. Now instead the overflow
      is detected in the regIOobject::upToDate function and handled consistently
      (by assuming that the events of object will never differ by more than
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