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      GIT: remove merge/rebase artifacts · bb2ae5c9
      Mark OLESEN authored
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      ENH: improve/verify atmBoundaryLayerInlet conditions · 336fb3bd
      Kutalmış Berçin authored and Andrew Heather's avatar Andrew Heather committed
        ENH: add generalised log-law type ground-normal inflow boundary conditions for
        wind velocity and turbulence quantities for homogeneous, two-dimensional,
        dry-air, equilibrium and neutral atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) modelling
        ENH: remove `zGround` entry, which is now automatically computed
        ENH: add `displacement height` entry, `d`
        ENH: add generalised atmBoundaryLayerInletOmega boundary condition
        ENH: add a verification case for atmBoundaryLayerInlet BCs
        DOC: improve atmBoundaryLayerInlet header documentation
        BUG: fix value-entry behaviour in atmBoundaryLayerInlet (fixes #1578)
        Without this change:
        - for serial-parallel computations, if `value` entry is available in
          an `atmBoundaryLayerInlet` BC, the theoretical ABL profile expressions
          are not computed, and the `value` entry content is used as a profile data
        - for parallel computations, if `value` entry is not available, `decomposePar`
          could not be executed.
        With this change:
        - assuming `value` entry is always be present, the use of `value` entry for
          the ABL profile specification is determined by a flag `initABL`
        - the default value of the optional flag `initABL` is `true`, but whenever
          `initABL=true` is executed, `initABL` is overwritten as `false` for the
          subsequent runs, so that `value` entry can be safely used.
        Thanks Per Jørgensen for the bug report.
        BUG: ensure atmBoundaryInlet conditions are Galilean-invariant (fixes #1692)
        Related references:
            The ground-normal profile expressions (tag:RH):
              Richards, P. J., & Hoxey, R. P. (1993).
              Appropriate boundary conditions for computational wind
              engineering models using the k-ε turbulence model.
              In Computational Wind Engineering 1 (pp. 145-153).
          Modifications to preserve the profiles downstream (tag:HW):
              Hargreaves, D. M., & Wright, N. G. (2007).
              On the use of the k–ε model in commercial CFD software
              to model the neutral atmospheric boundary layer.
              Journal of wind engineering and
              industrial aerodynamics, 95(5), 355-369.
          Expression generalisations to allow height
          variation for turbulence quantities (tag:YGCJ):
              Yang, Y., Gu, M., Chen, S., & Jin, X. (2009).
              New inflow boundary conditions for modelling the neutral equilibrium
              atmospheric boundary layer in computational wind engineering.
              J. of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, 97(2), 88-95.
          The generalised ground-normal profile expression for omega (tag:YGJ):
              Yang, Y., Gu, M., & Jin, X., (2009).
              New inflow boundary conditions for modelling the
              neutral equilibrium atmospheric boundary layer in SST k-ω model.
              In: The Seventh Asia-Pacific Conference on Wind Engineering,
              November 8-12, Taipei, Taiwan.
        Reproduced benchmark:
            Rectangular prism shown in FIG 1 of
              Hargreaves, D. M., & Wright, N. G. (2007).
              On the use of the k–ε model in commercial CFD software
              to model the neutral atmospheric boundary layer.
              Journal of wind engineering and
              industrial aerodynamics, 95(5), 355-369.
        Benchmark data:
            HW, 2007 FIG 6
        TUT: update simpleFoam/turbineSiting tutorial accordingly
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      ENH: unify use of dictionary method names · 3e43edf0
      Mark OLESEN authored
      - previously introduced `getOrDefault` as a dictionary _get_ method,
        now complete the transition and use it everywhere instead of
        `lookupOrDefault`. This avoids mixed usage of the two methods that
        are identical in behaviour, makes for shorter names, and promotes
        the distinction between "lookup" access (ie, return a token stream,
        locate and return an entry) and "get" access (ie, the above with
        conversion to concrete types such as scalar, label etc).
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      ENH: avoid readScalar, readLabel etc from dictionary (#762, #1033) · 8eddcc07
      Mark OLESEN authored
      - use the dictionary 'get' methods instead of readScalar for
        additional checking
           Unchecked:  readScalar(dict.lookup("key"));
           Checked:    dict.get<scalar>("key");
      - In templated classes that also inherit from a dictionary, an additional
        'template' keyword will be required. Eg,
           this->coeffsDict().template get<scalar>("key");
        For this common use case, the predefined getXXX shortcuts may be
        useful. Eg,
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      Updated the whole of OpenFOAM to use the new templated TurbulenceModels library · 2aec2496
      Henry authored
      The old separate incompressible and compressible libraries have been removed.
      Most of the commonly used RANS and LES models have been upgraded to the
      new framework but there are a few missing which will be added over the
      next few days, in particular the realizable k-epsilon model.  Some of
      the less common incompressible RANS models have been introduced into the
      new library instantiated for incompressible flow only.  If they prove to
      be generally useful they can be templated for compressible and
      multiphase application.
      The Spalart-Allmaras DDES and IDDES models have been thoroughly
      debugged, removing serious errors concerning the use of S rather than
      The compressible instances of the models have been augmented by a simple
      backward-compatible eddyDiffusivity model for thermal transport based on
      alphat and alphaEff.  This will be replaced with a separate run-time
      selectable thermal transport model framework in a few weeks.
      For simplicity and ease of maintenance and further development the
      turbulent transport and wall modeling is based on nut/nuEff rather than
      mut/muEff for compressible models so that all forms of turbulence models
      can use the same wall-functions and other BCs.
      All turbulence model selection made in the constant/turbulenceProperties
      dictionary with RAS and LES as sub-dictionaries rather than in separate
      files which added huge complexity for multiphase.
      All tutorials have been updated so study the changes and update your own
      cases by comparison with similar cases provided.
      Sorry for the inconvenience in the break in backward-compatibility but
      this update to the turbulence modeling is an essential step in the
      future of OpenFOAM to allow more models to be added and maintained for a
      wider range of cases and physics.  Over the next weeks and months more
      turbulence models will be added of single and multiphase flow, more
      additional sub-models and further development and testing of existing
      models.  I hope this brings benefits to all OpenFOAM users.
      Henry G. Weller
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      ENH: Adding: · ddcf2ee9
      sergio authored
      	1) basicSource for explicit sources(ActuationDisk and
      	   explicit source so far)
      	2) cylindricalInlet BC
      	3) swirlMassFlowRate BC
      	4) dynamicLagrangian LES incompressible turbulence model
      	5) atmospheric boundary layer inlet BC for velocity and
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