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      ENH: new RAS model: kEpsilonPhitF · e38e5d67
      Kutalmış Berçin authored
          ENH: modify fWallFunction for kEpsilonPhitF model
          The k-epsilon-phit-f turbulence closure model for incompressible and
          compressible flows.
          The model is a three-transport-equation linear-eddy-viscosity turbulence
          closure model alongside an elliptic relaxation equation:
            - Turbulent kinetic energy, \c k,
            - Turbulent kinetic energy dissipation rate, \c epsilon,
            - Normalised wall-normal fluctuating velocity scale, \c phit,
            - Elliptic relaxation factor, \c f.
              Standard model (Tag:LUU):
                  Laurence, D. R., Uribe, J. C., & Utyuzhnikov, S. V. (2005).
                  A robust formulation of the v2−f model.
                  Flow, Turbulence and Combustion, 73(3-4), 169–185.
          The default model coefficients are (LUU:Eqs. 19-20):
                  Cmu         0.22,    // Turbulent viscosity constant
                  Ceps1a      1.4,     // Model constant for epsilon
                  Ceps1b      1.0,     // Model constant for epsilon
                  Ceps1c      0.05,    // Model constant for epsilon
                  Ceps2       1.9,     // Model constant for epsilon
                  Cf1         1.4,     // Model constant for f
                  Cf2         0.3,     // Model constant for f
                  CL          0.25,    // Model constant for L
                  Ceta        110.0,   // Model constant for L
                  CT          6.0,     // Model constant for T
                  sigmaK      1.0,     // Turbulent Prandtl number for k
                  sigmaEps    1.3,     // Turbulent Prandtl number for epsilon
                  sigmaPhit   1.0,     // Turbulent Prandtl number for phit = sigmaK
          The name of the original variable replacing 'v2' is 'phi' (LUU:Eq. 14).
          However, the name 'phi' preexisted in OpenFOAM; therefore, this name was
          replaced by 'phit'
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      epsilonWallFunction: Updated to work with both low- and high-Reynolds number turbulence models · 712f6277
      Henry Weller authored
      This boundary condition provides a turbulence dissipation wall constraint
      for low- and high-Reynolds number turbulence models.
      The condition can be applied to wall boundaries for which it
      - calculates \c epsilon and \c G
      - specifies the near-wall epsilon value
          epsilon | turblence dissipation field
          G       | turblence generation field
      The model switches between laminar and turbulent functions based on the
      laminar-to-turbulent y+ value derived from kappa and E.
      Recent tests have shown that this formulation is more accurate than
      the standard high-Reynolds number form for 10 < y+ < 30 with both
      standard and continuous wall-functions.
      Replaces epsilonLowReWallFunction and should be used for all
      low-Reynolds number models for which the epsilonLowReWallFunction BC was
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      Updated the whole of OpenFOAM to use the new templated TurbulenceModels library · 2aec2496
      Henry authored
      The old separate incompressible and compressible libraries have been removed.
      Most of the commonly used RANS and LES models have been upgraded to the
      new framework but there are a few missing which will be added over the
      next few days, in particular the realizable k-epsilon model.  Some of
      the less common incompressible RANS models have been introduced into the
      new library instantiated for incompressible flow only.  If they prove to
      be generally useful they can be templated for compressible and
      multiphase application.
      The Spalart-Allmaras DDES and IDDES models have been thoroughly
      debugged, removing serious errors concerning the use of S rather than
      The compressible instances of the models have been augmented by a simple
      backward-compatible eddyDiffusivity model for thermal transport based on
      alphat and alphaEff.  This will be replaced with a separate run-time
      selectable thermal transport model framework in a few weeks.
      For simplicity and ease of maintenance and further development the
      turbulent transport and wall modeling is based on nut/nuEff rather than
      mut/muEff for compressible models so that all forms of turbulence models
      can use the same wall-functions and other BCs.
      All turbulence model selection made in the constant/turbulenceProperties
      dictionary with RAS and LES as sub-dictionaries rather than in separate
      files which added huge complexity for multiphase.
      All tutorials have been updated so study the changes and update your own
      cases by comparison with similar cases provided.
      Sorry for the inconvenience in the break in backward-compatibility but
      this update to the turbulence modeling is an essential step in the
      future of OpenFOAM to allow more models to be added and maintained for a
      wider range of cases and physics.  Over the next weeks and months more
      turbulence models will be added of single and multiphase flow, more
      additional sub-models and further development and testing of existing
      models.  I hope this brings benefits to all OpenFOAM users.
      Henry G. Weller
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      minor cleanup of turbulence models · 19d951ce
      Mark Olesen authored
      - added constructor dictionary(const dictionary*) that also handles NULL
        pointers and makes it convenient to construct from a possibly nonexistent
            dictionary dict2(dict1.subDictPtr("someDict"));
      - make some of the turbulence Coeffs sub-dictionary optional.
        Their contents are all 'lookupOrAddDefault' anyhow.
      - in turbulentMixingLength BCs, skip namespace qualifier in template
        (eg, <RASModel> vs. <compressible::RASModel>)
      - change comments from 'turbulenceProperties' to RASProperties/LESProperties
      - consistency between compressible/incompressible - no separate file for
        'New' selector etc
      - consistency in accessing the model coefficients.
        Use method coeffDict() for const access.
        Use protected data member coeffDict_ for read/write access.
      - document model coefficients in etc/constant/RASProperties.
        Need the same for LESProperties before we can prune these from the
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