1. 27 Aug, 2018 3 commits
  2. 06 Jul, 2018 1 commit
  3. 27 Jun, 2018 1 commit
    • Will Bainbridge's avatar
      fileHandler: Added flush method · 2ae4bf73
      Will Bainbridge authored
      This method waits until all the threads have completed IO operations and
      then clears any cached information about the files on disk. This
      replaces the deactivation of threading by means of zeroing the buffer
      size when writing and reading of a file happen in sequence. It also
      allows paraFoam to update the list of available times.
      Patch contributed by Mattijs Janssens
      Resolves bug report https://bugs.openfoam.org/view.php?id=2962
  4. 14 Jun, 2018 1 commit
    • Will Bainbridge's avatar
      twoPhaseMixtureThermo: Fix for collated file operation · 70bc72c2
      Will Bainbridge authored
      twoPhaseMixtureThermo writes the temperatures during construction only
      for them to be read again immediately after by construction of the
      individual phases' thermo models. When running with collated file
      handling this behaviour is not thread safe. This change deactivates
      threading for the duration of this behaviour.
      Patch contributed by Mattijs Janssens
  5. 19 Jun, 2018 1 commit
  6. 13 Aug, 2018 1 commit
  7. 14 Aug, 2018 4 commits
  8. 13 Aug, 2018 2 commits
    • Mark OLESEN's avatar
      ENH: additional methods for globalIndex · 3e941ae4
      Mark OLESEN authored
      - const version of offsets().
      - empty() method to test for empty offsets, or zero overall size
      - reset() methods for reseting the sizes. For example, when the context
        has shifted slightly.
      - localStart() methods, similar to localSize() methods
      STYLE: make globalIndex single parameter constructors explicit
    • Mark OLESEN's avatar
      TUT: incorrectly activated constraints · 296bdb61
      Mark OLESEN authored
  9. 10 Aug, 2018 6 commits
  10. 09 Aug, 2018 10 commits
  11. 08 Aug, 2018 4 commits
    • Mark OLESEN's avatar
      STYLE: use edgeHashes include · ca5d9123
      Mark OLESEN authored
      STYLE: use initial hash size 128 instead of 100 in a few places
    • Mark OLESEN's avatar
      ENH: add missing Hash function for List/UList (issue #966) · dd9ecd49
      Mark OLESEN authored
      - there were previously no hashing mechanisms for lists so they
        would fall back to the definition for primitives and hash the
        memory location of the allocated List object.
      - provide a UList::Hash<> sub-class for inheritance, and also a global
        specialization for UList<T>, List<T> such that the hash value for
        List<List<T>> cascades properly.
      - provide similar function in triFace to ensure that it remains
        similar in behaviour to face.
      - added SymmHash to Pair, for use when order is unimportant.
      STYLE: use string::hash() more consistently
      - no particular reason to use Hash<word>() which forwards to
        string::hash() anyhow
    • Mark OLESEN's avatar
      STYLE: use readList mechanism for -funcs option · 82bad81d
      Mark OLESEN authored
      - allows single or multiple entries
    • Mark OLESEN's avatar
      ENH: ignore -noFunctionObjects option when disabled · e0f83938
      Mark OLESEN authored
      - With argList::noFunctionObjects() we use the logic added in
        4b933332 (issue #352)
        By removing the '-noFunctionObjects' option, we automatically
        suppress the creation of function-objects via Time (with argList
        as a parameter).
        There is generally no need in these cases for an additional
            runTime.functionObjects().off()  statement
        Use the argList::noFunctionObjects() for more direct configuration
        and reduce unnecessary clutter in the -help information.
        In previous versions, the -noFunctionObjects would have been redundant
        anyhow, so we can also just ignore it now instead.
  12. 07 Aug, 2018 2 commits
    • Mark OLESEN's avatar
      ENH: make indices for boundBox::add() a templated parameter · 822acaf6
      Mark OLESEN authored
      - allows use with any container with begin(), end() and where the
        "*iterator" dereference returns a label, which is used for indexing
        into the list of points.
        This container could be labelUList, bitSet, labelHashSet, etc
    • Mark OLESEN's avatar
      ENH: new cuttingPlane cutting scheme · 7bb68b4d
      Mark OLESEN authored
      - takes a direct approach of determining which cells are cut and walks
        the cell faces directly to build the resulting surface.
      - better handling of corner cases.
        * Avoids redundant points when the cut passes exactly through a
          mesh point.
        * Supresses generation of duplicates faces when the plane cut
          coincides exactly with a mesh face.
      - for severely concave cells where the plane cuts a face multiple times
        there is currently no remedial action taken, except to note the
        failure and unwind the insertion of the corresponding points and
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