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      ENH: overset: Initial release of overset capability. · fd665b4a
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      Adds overset discretisation to selected physics:
      - diffusion : overLaplacianDyMFoam
      - incompressible steady : overSimpleFoam
      - incompressible transient : overPimpleDyMFoam
      - compressible transient: overRhoPimpleDyMFoam
      - two-phase VOF: overInterDyMFoam
      The overset method chosen is a parallel, fully implicit implementation
      whereby the interpolation (from donor to acceptor) is inserted as an
      adapted discretisation on the donor cells, such that the resulting matrix
      can be solved using the standard linear solvers.
      Above solvers come with a set of tutorials, showing how to create and set-up
      simple simulations from scratch.
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      TUT: Added min/max(p) function object · 132c0e71
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      ENH: Added new Joule Heating fvOption and test case · 2af8d388
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          Evolves an electrical potential equation
              \grad \left( \sigma \grad V \right)
          where \f$ V \f$ is electrical potential and \f$\sigma\f$ is the
          electrical current
          To provide a Joule heating contribution according to:
          Differential form of Joule heating - power per unit volume:
              \frac{d(P)}{d(V)} = J \cdot E
          where \f$ J \f$ is the current density and \f$ E \f$ the electric
          If no magnetic field is present:
              J = \sigma E
          The electric field given by
              E = \grad V
              \frac{d(P)}{d(V)} = J \cdot E
                                = (sigma E) \cdot E
                                = (sigma \grad V) \cdot \grad V
          Isotropic (scalar) electrical conductivity
              anisotropicElectricalConductivity no;
              // Optionally specify the conductiv...
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