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    ENH: overhaul ensight handling (#1579) · a9762812
    Mark Olesen authored
    - includes restructuring and simplification of low-level ensight part
      handling and refactor of backends to improve code reuse.
      * new cellZone support.
        This was previously only possible via a separate foamToEnsightParts
        utility that was not parallelized.
      * support for point fields.
      * `-nearCellValue` option (as per foamToVTK)
      * data indexing now uses values from the time index.
        This is consistent with the ensightWrite function object and
        can help with restarts.
      * existing ensight directories are removed, unless the -no-overwrite
        option is supplied
      * now redundant and removed.
    ensightOutputSurface (new class)
      * a lightweight wrapper for point/face references that is tailored
        for the ensightSurfaceWriter. It uses compact face/point information
        and is serial only, since this is the format requirements from the
        surfaceWriter class.
    ensightMesh (revised class)
      * now only holds a polyMesh reference, which removes its dependency
        on finiteVolume and allows it to be relocated under fileFormats
        instead of conversion.
    Removed classes: ensightParts, ensighPartFaces, ensightPartCells
    - these were used by foamToEnsightParts, but not needed anymore.
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