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    ENH: improvements for token methods · 51cd7cee
    Mark OLESEN authored
    - direct check of punctuation.
      For example,
          while (!tok.isPunctuation(token::BEGIN_LIST)) ..
      instead of
      while (!(tok.isPunctuation() && tok.pToken() == token::BEGIN_LIST)) ..
      Using direct comparison (tok != token::BEGIN_LIST) can be fragile
      when comparing int values:
          int c = readChar(is);
          while (tok != c) ..  // Danger, uses LABEL comparison!
    - direct check of word.
      For example,
          if (tok.isWord("uniform")) ..
      instead of
          if (tok.isWord() && tok.wordToken() == "uniform") ..
    - make token lineNumber() a setter method
    ENH: adjust internal compound method empty() -> moved()
    - support named compound tokens
    STYLE: setter method for stream indentation