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    foamToVTK, PVFoamReader: Resolve problems converting VTK_WEDGE · b7e13883
    Henry Weller authored
      - There will be triangles rendered inside the mesh (when
        surface-rendering), because one of the cell's triangles is defined
        as a quadrangle in VTK_WEDGE.
      - Therefore, this VTK_WEDGE representation is only used when
        decomposing the mesh, otherwise the correct representation is done
        by VTK_POLYHEDRON.
      - Furthermore, using VTK_PYRAMID gave worse result, because it renders
        2 triangles inside the mesh for the collapsed quadrangle, likely due
        to mismatch with the adjacent cell's face.
      - Using VTK_HEXAHEDRON was not tested in this iteration, given that it
        should give even worse results, when compared to using VTK_PYRAMID.
    Patch contributed by Bruno Santos
    Resolves bug-report http://bugs.openfoam.org/view.php?id=2099
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