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    ENH: improve setup for paraview · f88b74a0
    Mark Olesen authored
    - removed reliance on ParaView_INCLUDE_DIR variable for conveying the
      major.minor version information when compiling. This can be somewhat
      fragile and also adds variable that is an unnecessary when running
      (only used when compiling).
      Instead use `have_pvplugin_support` function in paraviewFunctions
      wmake script to determine the maj.min from the PV_PLUGIN_PATH
      since we have already defined the output path there with paraview
      maj.min numbering.
      Can now build with paraview from the operating system,
      provided that it has develop headers available.
      In the etc/config.sh/paraview setup, the maj.min is taken from
      the corresponding `paraview --version` output and used when
      defining the PV_PLUGIN_PATH.
      During the build, the include path taken from `paraview-config`
      for a system installation, from the guess installation root
      of the paraview binary, or ParaView_DIR otherwise.
    NB: using a system ParaView for building runTimePostProcessing is unsupported.
    - these types of builds appear to have various library resolution issues
      (eg, libexpat not being loaded). Additionally, the build logic does
      not yet cover this type of use case.
    CONFIG: add so version to libcatalystFoam
    STYLE: add OpenFOAM/include directory in CMakeLists
    - eg for foamVersion.H
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