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      Commit Paraview enhancements - quit working on sets/zones frills · 4b82f942
      Mark Olesen authored
      - Include Sets/Zones now scans immediately to refresh the list of available
        mesh parts. Unfortunately, this also causes the object panel to be
        modified, even although the selection doesn't acutally need to change.
        This seems to be due to how the pqNamedWidgets are getting the information
        from the proxy properties. I can't figure if it's possible to acheive what
        I want, but we can probably live with the current implementation.
        After IncludeZones, simply us 'Reset' to undo the spurious GUI changes.
        Works fine - just looks a bit silly.
      - Added 'Refresh' button to rescan for new times/fields.  Good for
        post-processing ongoing calculations without exiting the reader.
      - Added 'Skip Zero Time' checkbox: many (some) calculations have
        data missing at time=0 (eg, rho, lagrangian, etc). This provides
        a convenient way to skip over this time.
      - Future?:
        We could probably pick up favourite default values for these switches from
        ~OpenFOAM/controlDict, from a case system/paraview, or simply by making
        the casename.OpenFOAM also be an OpenFOAM dictionary with the settings.
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      Cleanup/fixup paraview readers · 7b6547ba
      Mark Olesen authored
      - remove patch/point text labels upon deletion
      - combined client/server plugin instead of separate .so files
        first experiment with adding panel decorations
      - directory reorganization
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      PV3FoamReader - minor changes · d20b6fe6
      Mark Olesen authored
        - remove TimeRange property from XML. Not needed for discrete time data
        - represent Lagrangian data as VTK_VERTEX for simple visualization
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      PV3FoamReader - code cleanup · 3277463f
      Mark Olesen authored
       - streamlined code somewhat, minor attempt to reclaim some memory
       - now use "mesh parts" for patches/zones/sets/etc throughout to avoid
         ambiguity with mesh regions
       - collect superCells and addPointCellLabels in a class. The old version
         actually seemed to have overwritten the addPointCellLabels with each
         cellSet/cellZone. This means that part of the pointFields would be trashed
         in the combination of polyhedral cells, cellSets/cellZones and internalMesh
       - polyDecomp information for muitiple mesh regions, but not yet exploited
       - pointFields now working for cellZones/cellSets
       - extroplating fields onto walls also works as expected for interpolated
       - added tooltips to reader GUI
       - pointFields (real and interpolated) for faceSets/faceZones
  12. 02 Aug, 2008 1 commit
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      PV3FoamReader improvements · 3db5f133
      Mark Olesen authored
        - various GUI properties are now animateable="0"
          (meaning they no longer show up on the time-line)
        - move reader switches to the bottom of the GUI
        - move Lagrangian fields above pointFields for better visibility
        - basic support for multiple clouds
        - filter fields based on selection before looping over all the geometry bits
        - mesh conversion functions now return VTK mesh types for easier handling
        - faceZones mesh conversion had points/faces allocation reversed
        - updateInfo with every call to setTime() that changes the timeIndex
          This seems to be the only way to notice Lagrangian fields
        - restore displaying patchnames that got forgotten in the last commit
        - misc reorganization
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  14. 22 Jul, 2008 1 commit
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      fix PV3FoamReader to restore mesh caching · b425ebee
      Mark Olesen authored
      previous disabling of the TimeSelection arrays [commit c52b20b..]
      resulted in the mesh caching being disabled :(
      Simplified code is enabled/disabled by PV3FOAM_TIMESELECTION define.
      Might be removed in the future.
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