Commit c4608d6a authored by Mark Olesen's avatar Mark Olesen

CONFIG: update legacyCompile for 1712

- suggest build with llvm, since this allows possible reuse with mesa
parent ceb2655d
......@@ -34,6 +34,7 @@ and package versions, it may not work for all users and environments.
* MesaLib-x.y.z files (replace by mesa-x.y.z)
* llvm-x.y.z.src TarFile (remove .src part in filename and in subdir)
* cfe-x.y.z.src TarFile must be moved to llvm-x.y.z/tools/clang
* openmp-x.y.z.src TarFile must be moved to llvm-x.y.z/tools/openmp
* ParaView-v* TarFile (remove -source part in filename and in subdir)
Note: when unpacking ParaView, it may create a subdir with suffix
-source. Please remove this suffix as well and tar the package
......@@ -656,6 +656,17 @@ unpackAllFiles()
_mvdir "$cfeVERSION.src" "$cfeVERSION" # As above (*.src -> *)
_mvdir "$cfeVERSION" "$llvmVERSION/$clangDir" # Relocate to tools/clang
# Check if matching openmp version is required
if [ -d "$llvmVERSION" -a ! -d "$llvmVERSION/$ompDir" ]
_unpack $ompVERSION
_mvdir "$ompVERSION.src" "$ompVERSION" # As above (*.src -> *)
_mvdir "$ompVERSION" "$llvmVERSION/$ompDir" # Relocate to tools/openmp
# File
# v1712.cfg
# Description
# Configuration file for legacyCompile
# Top-level package information
# If source packages differ from the directory names, uncomment and adjust
# OFsource=OpenFOAM-plus
# TPsource=ThirdParty-plus
# Architecture
# Preferred software versions etc. Use 'third' for ThirdParty.
# package | default | user-preference |
boost boost_1_64_0
cgal CGAL-4.9.1
fftw fftw-3.3.7
openmpi openmpi-1.10.4
scotch scotch_6.0.3
paraview ParaView-5.4.1
cmake cmake-system cmake-3.6.0
vtk none VTK-8.1.0
mesa none mesa-17.1.1
qt qt-system qt-5.9.3
llvm llvm-3.7.1
gcc system gcc-4.8.5
gmp system gmp-6.1.1
mpfr system mpfr-3.1.5
mpc system mpc-1.0.3
ompiType system third
compilerType system third
compiler Gcc Clang
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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