Commit 179129f1 authored by Alen Cukrov's avatar Alen Cukrov
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Creation of cells subsets at bad quality faces

parent 0dd16011
......@@ -292,8 +292,20 @@ void meshOptimizer::untangleMeshFV
subsetId = mesh_.addFaceSubset("badFaces");
const labelList& owner = mesh_.owner();
const labelList& neighbour = mesh_.neighbour();
const label badCellsId =
forAllConstIter(labelHashSet, badFaces, it)
mesh_.addFaceToSubset(subsetId, it.key());
mesh_.addCellToSubset(badCellsId, owner[it.key()]);
if( neighbour[it.key()] < 0 )
mesh_.addCellToSubset(badCellsId, neighbour[it.key()]);
Info << "Finished untangling the mesh" << endl;
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