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    STYLE: add nBoundaryFaces() method to primitiveMesh · 0d94a97f
    Mark Olesen authored
    - nBoundaryFaces() is often used and is identical to
      (nFaces() - nInternalFaces()).
    - forward the mesh nInternalFaces() and nBoundaryFaces() to
      polyBoundaryMesh as nFaces() and start() respectively,
      for use when operating on a polyBoundaryMesh.
    - use identity() function with starting offset when creating boundary maps.
         labelList map
             identity(mesh.nBoundaryFaces(), mesh.nInternalFaces())
         labelList map(mesh.nBoundaryFaces());
         forAll(map, i)
             map[i] = mesh.nInternalFaces() + i;
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