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    STYLE: more consistent use of dimensioned Zero · 5632ef2d
    Mark OLESEN authored
    - when constructing dimensioned fields that are to be zero-initialized,
      it is preferrable to use a form such as
          dimensionedScalar(dims, Zero)
          dimensionedVector(dims, Zero)
      rather than
          dimensionedScalar("0", dims, 0)
          dimensionedVector("zero", dims, vector::zero)
      This reduces clutter and also avoids any suggestion that the name of
      the dimensioned quantity has any influence on the field's name.
      An even shorter version is possible. Eg,
      but reduces the clarity of meaning.
    - NB: UniformDimensionedField is an exception to these style changes
      since it does use the name of the dimensioned type (instead of the