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    wmakeCollect: Experimental scheduler for wmake to speed-up parallel compilations · f23b2581
    Henry Weller authored
    wmakeCollect collects the compilation commands for the all of the object
    files to be compiled into a single makefile which is passed to make to
    schedule the compilations in parallel efficiently.
    Before wmakeCollect can be called the lnInclude directories must be
    up-to-date and after wmakeCollect the linkage stage of the compilation
    must executed using wmake.
    This entire process is now handled by wmake using the new '-queue' or
    '-q' option to compile sections of the OpenFOAM source tree or the
    entire tree efficiently.  The number of cores the compilation executes
    on may be specified either using the WM_NCOMPPROCS variable or the '-j'
    To efficiently compile OpenFOAM after a 'git pull' the '-update' option
    is provided which updates lnInclude directories, dep files and removes
    deprecated files and directories.  This option may be used with '-q':
        wmake -q -update