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Known Build Issues
......@@ -22,16 +22,15 @@ VTK
If using the runTimePostProcessing to create on-the-fly images, you
can simply just compile ParaView-5.0.1 and these libraries will
be used.
can simply just compile ParaView and these libraries will be used.
If you elect to use a separate VTK compilation (for example for
off-screen rendering), it is advisable to reuse the VTK libraries that
are provided with ParaView-5.0.1, by making an appropriate symlink
are provided with ParaView by making an appropriate symlink
prior to using makeVTK. This doesn't just reduce disk-space, but works
much better than using the VTK-7.1.0.tar file.
much better than using the VTK tar file.
Using runTimePostProcessing with the 'plain' VTK-7.1.0 libraries does
Using runTimePostProcessing with the 'plain' VTK libraries does
generally work, but does not exit cleanly:
symbol lookup error: .../linux64Gcc/VTK-7.1.0/lib/
......@@ -60,4 +59,21 @@ there are also minimum gcc/g++ requirements there:
If your system compiler is too old to build the minimum required gcc or
clang/llvm, it is just simply too old.
Building with spack
If you are building with spack, note that the depends_on for paraview
resolves poorly. The +qt dependency (for building the reader module)
may need to be specified as a preference by including the following in
your `~/.spack/packages.yaml` file:
variants: +qt
It appears that spack will otherwise ignore any paraview+qt version
and attempt to install a paraview~qt version instead.
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