Commit d439ec4d authored by Henry Weller's avatar Henry Weller
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BrunDrippingInjection: Corrected default type of deltaStable

parent 47c6b9e1
......@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ BrunDrippingInjection::BrunDrippingInjection
injectionModel(type(), owner, dict),
ubarStar_(coeffDict_.lookupOrDefault("ubarStar", 1.62208)),
dCoeff_(coeffDict_.lookupOrDefault("dCoeff", 3.3)),
deltaStable_(coeffDict_.lookupOrDefault("deltaStable", 0)),
deltaStable_(coeffDict_.lookupOrDefault("deltaStable", scalar(0))),
diameter_(owner.regionMesh().nCells(), -1.0)
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