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Feature dictionary scoping lvalue

Mark OLESEN requested to merge feature-dictionary-scoping-lvalue into develop
  • Supports using '/' within dictionary scoping, which avoids the ambiguity of having a '.' which could mean scoping, or be part of a keyword.
  • General dictionary searcher classes/methods for clearer searching semantics and to enable addressing a dictionary entry as an lvalue.
  • The #remove directive now functions across scopes
  • Can specify a keyword with a defined scope. If needed, any intermediate dictionaries are created.

For example,

"/boundaryField/lowerWall/type"  noSlip;
"/boundaryField/newBoundary"  { type fixedValue; value uniform (0 0 0); }

Manage "one-shot" change of the inputMode. For example,

#includeIfPresent "user-files"
#default value uniform 10;


#includeIfPresent "user-files"
#inputMode protect
value uniform 10;
#inputMode merge    // _Assuming_ we actually had this before
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