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Feature list methods

Mark OLESEN requested to merge feature-list-methods into develop

Various minor cleanups for lists:

  • simplifications and extension to DynamicList (issue #595 (closed)), notably reducing the number of template parameters and imposing instead a min allocation limit that avoids repeated re-allocation when resizing small lists. A small list has been arbitrarily defined as being 16 elements.

  • additional removal methods for DynamicList

  • find() and found() methods for list containers, which provide some symmetry with hash containers and std::string. The found() method may be easier to read. Eg,

    list.found(val) vs. (findIndex(list, val) != -1)

  • added move constructors and move assignment for various containers.

  • rebased edge on labelPair for more consistency with first/second access and to make sort/flip methods more generally available. Note that the current edge::end() has the misfortune of masking the underlying list iterators and thus prevents use of range-based fors with edges.

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