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ENH: FO: Lamb vector and its divergence

Kutalmış Berçin requested to merge feature-functionObjects-lambVector into develop
  • If applied: This commit allows the user to compute: - the Lamb vector (, - (optionally) its divergence - on-the-fly or via postProcess utility - for a given volVectorField (one per functionObject entry)

    • Why: The motivation is the literature-reported quantitative connection between the Lamb vector (divergence) and the spatially localised instantaneous fluid motions, e.g. high- and low-momentum fluid parcels, which possess considerable level of capacity to affect the rate of change of momentum, and to generate forces such as drag.

    • Verification:

      • Smooth-wall plane channel flow case (Moser et al. 1999) by
        • Curtis et al. (2008) On the Lamb vector divergence in Navier–Stokes flows, doi:10.1017/S0022112008002760
    • What's next:

      • The verification-show case
      • Extended code guide entry titled "Lamb vector"
    • Related:

      • "fvc::curl(U)^U" is computed twice when "divergence_" is on. It will be reduced one.
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