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Integration of ihcantabria wave models

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Integration of functionality produced by The Environmental Hydraulics Institute "IHCantabria" (

  • Original code introduced in commit f5ae874b
  • Restructured and updated by OpenCFD into a new waveModels library available to the interFoam family of solvers

Main source: $FOAM_SRC/waveModels

Tutorials: $FOAM_TUTORIALS/multiphase/interFoam/laminar/waveExample*

Capabilities include:

  • Wave generation

  • Solitary wave using Boussinesq theory

  • Cnoidal wave theory

  • StokesI, StokesII, StokesV wave theory

  • Active wave absorption at the inflow/outflow boundaries based on shallow water theory

IHCantabria Authors:

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