Commit 6cf48b7b authored by Henry's avatar Henry
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Added line and comment concerning the compilation of MPICH2 below 1.5a1

Resolves bug-report
parent feadb6c8
......@@ -142,7 +142,12 @@ MPICH)
--with-device=ch_p4 \
# For MPICH2 below 1.5a1 uncomment this line and comment next
# make && make install
# For MPICH2 1.5a1 or above
make -j $WM_NCOMPPROCS && make install
make distclean
if [ -r $MPI_ARCH_PATH ]
......@@ -325,11 +330,13 @@ then
echo " metis libs in $FOAM_EXT_LIBBIN"
set -x
cd $METIS_VERSION || exit 1
make config shared=1 prefix=$METIS_ARCH_PATH
make -j $WM_NCOMPPROCS install
echo " optional component Metis was not found"
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