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DOC: update versions listed in SOURCES.txt

- update to mention the possible build issues related to Qt.

- additional comments about using binaries for ParaView instead of
  building from source
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......@@ -231,7 +231,7 @@ and save some disk space.
### Mesa
- Needed for off-screen rendering.
- Building with [mesa-11][older11 mesa] and [mesa-13][older13 mesa] both
- Building with [mesa-11][link mesa11] and [mesa-13][link mesa13] both
seem okay, as does building with [mesa-17][link mesa].
- Building with mesa-12 is not possible since it fails to create
the necessary `include/GL` directory and `osmesa.h` file.
......@@ -262,6 +262,32 @@ and save some disk space.
See additional notes below about [making Qt](#makeQt) if necessary.
**NOTE** this step may not be entirely successful for your particular
system. Building ParaView itself is generally not a significant problem
but its dependency on particular Qt versions can be a problem.
If you fail at this step due to Qt dependencies, you may have success
building a slightly older Qt version. Another alternative may be to
use the ParaView-5.4 sources that were included in the ThirdParty-v1712
source pack. This, however, has never been tested in combination with
the OpenFOAM Catalyst insitu visualization.
#### 5.5.x binary package
For general functionality, the paraview version distributed with
the operating system or a [binary package][download ParaView]])
may be sufficient for your needs.
- No known issues with the native OpenFOAM reader.
Using a binary package does mean you miss these elements (which may or
may not be important for you):
- cannot visualize a `blockMeshDict`
- cannot build Catalyst insitu visualization
- no alternative OpenFOAM reader module for some special features not
found in the native OpenFOAM reader.
#### 5.5.x
- Requires patching for the vtk-m configuration (on some systems).
- Recommended patching for ParaView Catalyst.
......@@ -395,8 +421,8 @@ you may have additional hurdles to using the newest versions of clang.
| Name | Location
| [MESA][page mesa] | [download][link mesa] or [older 13][older13 mesa], [older 11][older11 mesa]
| [ParaView][page ParaView] | [download][link ParaView]
| [MESA][page mesa] | [download][link mesa] or [older 13][link mesa13], [older 11][link mesa11]
| [ParaView][page ParaView] | [download][link ParaView] or [older paraview-54][link ParaView54] or [binaries][download ParaView]
| [Qt][page Qt] | [QT5][link Qt5] for ParaView-5.3.0 and later, or the [older qt-56][link Qt56] for older systems.
......@@ -502,13 +528,14 @@ that clang compiler for building the newer llvm/clang version.
<!-- Visualization -->
[page ParaView]:
[download ParaView]:
[link ParaView54]:
[link ParaView]:
[page mesa]:
[link mesa]:
[older13 mesa]:
[older11 mesa]:
[link mesa13]:
[link mesa11]:
[page Qt]:
[repo Qt]:
......@@ -2,7 +2,13 @@ Short summary of third-party software versions for recent OpenFOAM versions.
ParaView-5.5.0 *major*
ParaView-5.5.2 *update*
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