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| ========= | |
| \\ / F ield | OpenFOAM: The Open Source CFD Toolbox |
| \\ / O peration | |
| \\ / A nd | Copyright (C) 2016 OpenCFD Ltd. |
| \\/ M anipulation | |
# OpenFOAM&reg; ThirdParty
OpenFOAM depends to a certain extent on third-party libraries
(*opensource only*). It also provides some interfaces to *opensource* or
*proprietary* libraries. This third-party package contains configurations and
scripts for building third-party packages. It should normally only be used in
conjunction with the corresponding OpenFOAM version.
## Configuration of Third-Party Versions
The distributed make scripts can generally be used for a variety of
versions of the third-party libraries, with the software version
specified on the command-line. For example,
$ ./makeFFTW -help
usage: makeFFTW [OPTION] [fftw-VERSION]
If a version is not explicitly specified on the command-line, it will
use the version as specified by the appropriate OpenFOAM
`etc/` entry.
This approach avoids duplicate entries for the default versions and
ensures the best overall consistency between the OpenFOAM installation
and its corresponding third-party installation.
## Before Starting
1. Decide on compiler type/version,
MPI type/version,
ParaView type/version,
CMake type/version, etc.
- If the system compiler is not relatively recent, you will need to use a
[third-party compiler installation](#makeGcc).
2. If you are using a system MPI (eg, openmpi), ensure that this environment
has also been properly activated for your user.
Often (but not always) a `mpi-selector` command is available for this purpose.
You may need to open a new shell afterwards for the change to take effect.
Using the following command may help diagnosing things:
which mpicc
3. Adjust the OpenFOAM `etc/bashrc`, `etc/` or equivalent
`` files to reflect your preferred configuration.
For many config files, there are several configuration possibilities:
- Define a particular third-party version.
- Use a system installation.
- Disable use of an optional component.
- Define an alternative site-wide central location.
- After making the desired changes, use `wmRefresh` or equivalent to use the configurations.
## Build Sequence
1. `makeGcc` _or_ `makeLLVM` <a name="makeGcc"></a> *(optional)*
- Makes a third-party [gcc](#gcc-compiler) or [clang](#clang-compiler) installation,
which is needed if the system gcc is [too old](#gcc-compiler).
If your system compiler is recent enough, you can skip this step.
- If you do use this option, you will need the following adjustments to the
OpenFOAM `etc/bashrc` or your equivalent `` file:
- `WM_COMPILER=Gcc48` (for example)
- or `WM_COMPILER=Clang` and adjust the `clang_version` entry in the OpenFOAM
`etc/` or equivalent.
- More description is contained in the header comments of the
`makeGcc` and `makeLLVM` files.
- *Attention*: If you are building a newer version of clang, you may need to
update your CMake beforehand.
2. `makeCmake` *(optional)*
- Makes a third-party [CMake](#general-packages) installation, which is
needed if a system CMake does not exist or is [too old](#min-cmake),
- Note that CMake is being used by an number of third-party packages
(CGAL, LLVM, ParaView, VTK, ...)
so this may become an increasingly important aspect of the build.
3. `Allwmake`
- This will be automatically invoked by the top-level OpenFOAM `Allwmake`, but
can also be invoked directly to find possible build errors.
- Builds an mpi library (openmpi or mpich), scotch decomposition, boost, CGAL, FFTW.
- If the optional metis directory is found, it will also be compiled.
4. `makeParaView` *(optional but highly recommended)*
- This is optional, but extremely useful for visualization and for
run-time post-processing function objects.
You can build this at a later point in time, but then you should
remember to rebuild the post-processing function objects and the
reader module as well.
5. Make any additional optional components
### Optional Components
- Only required for future ADIOS support
- Builds third-party boost and CGAL.
Automatically invoked from the ThirdParty `Allwmake`,
but can be invoked directly to resolve possible build errors.
- Builds third-party FFTW.
Automatically invoked from the ThirdParty `Allwmake`,
but can be invoked directly to resolve possible build errors.
- Only required for conversion to/from STARCD/STARCCM+ files.
- Only required for conversion of results to Tecplot format.
`makeMesa`, `makeVTK`
- Additional support for building offscreen rendering components.
Useful if you want to render on computer servers without graphics cards.
The `makeParaView.example` and `makeVTK.example` files provide some useful
suggestions about compiling such a configuration.
- Script to build a [third-party installation of Qt](#makeQt), including qmake.
- Possibly needed for `makeParaView`.
- Build gperftools (originally Google Performance Tools)
- Scour specified directories for CMakeLists.txt and their cmake_minimum.
Report in sorted order.
- After building, this script may be used to remove intermediate build information
and save some disk space.
## Build Notes
- The github release currently requires GNU autoconf tools (eg,
autoconf, autoheader, automake) for its configuration.
- Some inconsistency in directory names (ADIOS vs. adios) between releases.
- Optionally uses bzip2, zlib development headers (eg, libbz2-devel, zlib-devel)
for the corresponding compression tranforms.
- The [zfp floating point compression][page zfp] library is now included as
part of ADIOS.
### Scotch
- The zlib library and zlib development headers are required.
### Mesa
- Needed for off-screen rendering.
- Building with mesa-12 fails to create an `include/GL` directory and
an `osmesa.h` file - making it fairly useless for off-screen VTK.
- Building with [mesa-11][older mesa] is fine and [mesa-13][linkg mesa] also seems to be okay.
### VTK
- Needed for off-screen rendering and run-time post-processing without
- Rather than downloading VTK separately, it is easy to reuse the VTK
sources that are bundled with ParaView.
For example, by using a symbolic link:
ln -s ParaView-5.2.0/VTK VTK-7.1.0
The appropriate VTK version number can be found from the constents of
the `vtkVersion.cmake` file.
For example,
$ cat ParaView-5.2.0/VTK/CMake/vtkVersion.cmake
# VTK version number components.
### ParaView
- Building ParaView requires CMake, qmake and a `qt` development files.
Use the `-cmake`, `-qmake` and `-qt-*` options for `makeParaView` as
See additional notes below about [making Qt](#makeQt) if necessary.
### ParaView
- Both CMake and qmake are required when building ParaView.
#### 5.2.0
- Compiles without patching.
#### 4.4.0/5.0.0/5.0.1/5.1.2
- If using `makeParaView`, the following patches will be automatically
applied (see the `etc/patches` directory):
- Bugfix for STL reader - affects 4.4.0 only.
- Broken installation (ui_pqExportStateWizard.h) - affects 4.4.0/5.0.0/5.0.1/5.1.x
- Building with gcc-6.1.0 - affects 4.4.0/5.0.0/5.0.1 (patch applied for 5.0.1)
- The SciberQuestToolKit plugin fails to compile with gcc-6.1.0 and causes
the compilation of ParaView to halt. The easiest solution is to delete
the ParaView-5.0.1/Plugins/SciberQuestToolKit directory.
### Making Qt <a name="makeQt"></a>
- Building a third-party Qt installation (prior to building ParaView) requires
some additional effort, but should nonetheless work smoothly.
1. Download a [*qt-everywhere-opensource-src*][link Qt] package and
unpack in the third-party directory.
2. Use the `makeQt` script with the QT version number. For example,
./makeQt 4.8.7
3. Build ParaView using this third-party QT. For example,
./makeParaView -qt-4.8.7 5.2.0
- ParaView does not yet support QT5.
- If you relocate the third-party directory to another location
(eg, you built in your home directory, but want to install it in a
central location), you will need to use the `etc/relocateQt` script
## Versions
### Gcc Compiler <a name="gcc-compiler"></a>
The minimum version of gcc required is 4.8.0.
| Name | Location |
| [gcc][page gcc] | [releases][link gcc] |
| [gmp][page gmp] | system is often ok, otherwise [download][link gmp] |
| [mpfr][page mpfr] | system is often ok, otherwise [download][link mpfr] |
| [mpc][page mpc] | system is often ok, otherwise [download][link mpc] |
#### Potential MPFR conflicts
If you elect to use a third-party version of mpfr, you may experience
conflicts with your installed system mpfr.
On some systems, mpfr is compiled as *non-threaded*, whereas the
third-party will use *threaded* by default.
This can cause some confusion at the linker stage, since it may
resolve the system mpfr first (and find that it is *non-threaded*).
You can avoid this by one of two means:
1. Use system components for gmp/mpfr/mpc: `makeGcc -system ...`
2. Use third-party mpfr, but without threading: `makeGcc -no-threadsafe ...`
#### 32-bit build (on 64-bit)
If you have a 64-bit system, but wish to have a 32-bit compiler, you
will need to enable multi-lib support for Gcc: `makeGcc -multilib`,
which is normally disabled, since many (most?) 64-bit systems do not
install the 32-bit development libraries by default.
### Clang Compiler <a name="clang-compiler"></a>
The minimum version of clang required is 3.3.
*Attention*: If you are building a newer version of clang, you may need to
update your CMake beforehand.
GNU *configure* can only be used prior to clang version 3.9.
| Name | Location |
| [clang][page clang] | [download][link clang] |
| [llvm][page llvm] | [download][link llvm] |
### Parallel Processing <a name="parallel"></a>
| Name | Location |
| [adios][page adios] | [repo][repo adios] or [github download][link adios] or [alt download][altlink adios] |
| [scotch, ptscotch][page scotch] | [download][link scotch] |
| [openmpi][page openmpi] | [download][link openmpi] |
### General <a name="general-packages"></a>
| Name | Location |
| [CMake][page cmake] | [download][link cmake] |
| [boost][page boost] | [download][link boost] |
| [CGAL][page CGAL] | [download][link CGAL] or [newer][newer CGAL] |
| [FFTW][page FFTW] | [download][link FFTW] |
| [ADF/CGNS][page CGNS], ccm | [link ccmio][link ccmio] |
| [tecio][page tecio] | [link tecio][link tecio] |
| gperftools | [repo][repo gperftools] or [download][link gperftools] |
### Visualization <a name="viz-version"></a>
| Name | Location |
| [MESA][page mesa] | [download][link mesa] or [older][older mesa] |
| [ParaView][page ParaView] | [download][link ParaView] or older [5.1][older ParaView-51], [5.0][older ParaView-50], [4.4][older ParaView-44] |
| [Qt][page Qt] | [repo][repo Qt] or [download][link Qt]. The newer [Qt5][newer Qt5] is **not** currently supported by ParaView. |
### CMake Minimum Requirements <a name="min-cmake"></a>
The minimum CMake requirements for building various components.
2.8 ADIOS-1.10.0
2.8 llvm-3.4.2
2.8 metis-5.1.0
2.8.11 CGAL-4.9 llvm-3.8.0
2.8.4 cmake-3.6.0
3.3 ParaView-5.1.2
3.3 ParaView-v5.2.0
3.4.3 llvm-3.9.0.src
3.5 ParaView-5.1.0
<!-- gcc-related -->
[page gcc]:
[page gmp]:
[page mpfr]:
[page mpc]:
[link gcc]:
[link gmp]:
[link mpfr]:
[link mpc]:
<!-- clang-related -->
[page clang]:
[page llvm]:
[link clang]:
[link llvm]:
<!-- parallel -->
[page adios]:
[repo adios]:
[link adios]:
[altlink adios]:
[page zfp]:
[page scotch]:
[link scotch]:
[page openmpi]:
[link openmpi]:
[newer openmpi]:
<!-- general -->
[page cmake]:
[link cmake]:
[page boost]:
[link boost]:
[page CGAL]:
[link CGAL]:
[newer CGAL]:
[page FFTW]:
[link FFTW]:
[page cgns]:
[link ccmio]: (check usage conditions)
[page tecio]:
[link tecio]: (needs registration)
[repo gperftools]:
[link gperftools]:
<!-- Visualization -->
[page ParaView]:
[link ParaView]:
[page ParaView]:
[link ParaView]:
[older ParaView-44]:
[older ParaView-50]:
[older ParaView-51]:
[page mesa]:
[link mesa]:
[older mesa]:
[page Qt]:
[repo Qt]:
[link Qt]:
[newer Qt5]:
<!-- Standard Footer -->
## Additional OpenFOAM Links
- [Download and installation instructions](
- [Documentation](
- [Reporting bugs/issues (including bugs/suggestions/feature requests) in OpenFOAM+](
- [Collaborative and Community-based Developments](
- [Contacting OpenCFD](
Copyright 2016 OpenCFD Ltd
# -*- mode: org; -*-
#+TITLE: OpenFOAM Third-Party packages
#+AUTHOR: The OpenFOAM Foundation / OpenCFD Ltd.
#+DATE: 2016-06-28
#+OPTIONS: author:nil ^:{}
# Copyright (c) 2014-2016 OpenFOAM Foundation.
# Copyright (c) 2016 OpenCFD Ltd.
* Description
Scripts for building third-party packages.
* Build Order:
+ makeGcc (recommended if the system gcc is < 4.7)
+ Allwmake (Builds OpenMPI, Scotch etc.)
+ makeCmake (if the system cmake version is < 2.8.8)
+ makeParaView
*** Optional Build Components:
+ makeLLVM (Replaces makeGcc in the above description
- to use clang as compiler)
+ makeCCMIO (Only required for conversion of STAR-CCM+ meshes)
+ Allclean (Only required to save disk space)
* Versions and locations to download the third party packages
*** Gcc C++ Compiler
The minimum version of gcc required is 4.5.0
+ gcc
+ gmp
+ mpfr
+ mpc
*** Parallel Processing
***** Scotch
+ Scotch/PtScotch:
***** OpenMPI
+ OpenMPI:
*** ParaView
+ cmake
+ ParaView-4.4.0
+ ParaView-5.0.1
but may need patching to compile (See [[Notes]]).
*** CGAL
+ boost
*** Miscellaneous
+ libccmio
* Notes
*** Building ParaView-4.3.1/4.4.0/5.0.0/5.0.1
The ParaView-4.3.1/4.4.0/5.0.0 source-pack provided by KitWare will not
build and install correctly without a minor correction: lines 653-656
(650-653 in ParaView-5.0.0, 659-662 in ParaView-5.0.1) must be removed or
commented from file
/ThirdParty-???/ParaView-[45].?.?/Qt/Components/CMakeLists.txt/ after
unpacking and renaming the ParaView-[45].?.? directory. This is because the
file ui_pqExportStateWizard.h referred to in
#+begin_src C
install(FILES "${CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR}/ui_pqExportStateWizard.h"
does not exist and cannot be installed causing the build and installation to
Additionally for ParaView-4.4.0 there is a bug in the STL reader.
For ParaView-4.4.0 and ParaView-5.0.1,
the necessary patches are supplied with the ThirdParty repository
(see the etc/patches directory) and are applied when building paraview.
*** Building ParaView-5.0.1 with gcc-6.1.0
***** Add support for gcc-6.?.?
The following cmake files
+ ParaView-5.0.1/VTK/CMake/vtkCompilerExtras.cmake
+ ParaView-5.0.1/VTK/CMake/GenerateExportHeader.cmake
specifically limit the gcc versions supported.
To add support gcc-6.?.? replace the '[345]' with '[3456]'.
This patch is also supplied with the ThirdParty repository and
applied when building paraview.
***** SciberQuestToolKit
The SciberQuestToolKit plugin fails to compile with gcc-6.1.0 and causes
the compilation of ParaView to halt. The easiest solution is to delete
the ParaView-5.0.1/Plugins/SciberQuestToolKit directory.
*** Building ParaView-4.1.0
On Ubuntu 14.10 and higher, OpenSuSE 13.2 and probably other recent
GNU/Linux distributions there is an issue in the GL libraries requiring a
change to the vtkXOpenGLRenderWindow.cxx file in ParaView: Uncomment line 30
# --------------------------------------------------------------------------
# ========= |
# \\ / F ield | OpenFOAM: The Open Source CFD Toolbox
# \\ / O peration |
# \\ / A nd | Copyright (C) 2016 OpenCFD Ltd.
# \\/ M anipulation |
# License
# This file is part of OpenFOAM.
# OpenFOAM is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it
# under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# OpenFOAM is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
# ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
# FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License
# for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with OpenFOAM. If not, see <>.
# Script
# minCmake
# Description
# Scour CMakeLists.txt files to report the cmake_minimum required.
# Run from third-party directory only
wmakeCheckPwd "$WM_THIRD_PARTY_DIR" || {
echo "Error: Current directory is not \$WM_THIRD_PARTY_DIR"
echo " The environment variables are inconsistent with the installation."
echo " Check the OpenFOAM entries in your dot-files and source them."
exit 1
usage() {
exec 1>&2
while [ "$#" -ge 1 ]; do echo "$1"; shift; done
usage: ${0##*/} [OPTION] [dir1 ... dirN]
* Scour specified directories for CMakeLists.txt and their cmake_minimum.
* Without any arguments, select all first level directories.
exit 1
# Parse options
while [ "$#" -gt 0 ]
case "$1" in
-h | -help)
usage "unknown option: '$1'"
# Nothing specified - use first level of unpacked directories
[ "$#" -gt 0 ] || set -- $(find -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 1 -type d)
for dir
dir="${dir#./}" # Remove leading "./"
dir="${dir%/}" # Remove trailing "/"
min=$(sed -n \
-e 's/^.*cmake_minimum.*VERSION *\([0-9.][0-9.]*\).*/\1/p' \
"$dir/CMakeLists.txt" \
if [ -n "$min" ]
echo "${min%.0}" $dir # With trailing ".0 removed
done \
| sort -n -k 1 \
| xargs printf " %-10s %s\n"
# Use 4 leading spaces for easier pasting as Markdown
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