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    ENH: improvements, modernization of matrix containers (#1220) · 061eb53f
    Mark OLESEN authored
    - add iterators, begin/end, empty() methods for STL behaviour.
      Use standard algorithms where possible
         * std::fill, std::copy
         * std::min_element, std::max_element
    - access methods consistent with other OpenFOAM containers:
         * data(), cdata(), uniform()
    - Use ListPolicy to impose output line breaks
    - Can recover matrix storage for re-use elsewhere.
      For example, to populate values with 2D i-j addressing and later
      release it as flat linear storage.
    - construct/assign moveable
    - added minMax() function for Matrix
    - additional inplace +=, -=, *=, /= operations
    - add named methods at() and rowData() to Matrix.
      Allows a better distinction between linear and row-based addressing
    - low-level matrix solve on List/UList instead of Field