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    ENH: centralized handling of -allRegions, -regions, -region (#2072) · c410edf9
    Mark OLESEN authored
    Step 1.
        include "addAllRegionOptions.H"
        Adds the -allRegions, -regions and -region options to argList.
    Step 2.
        include "getAllRegionOptions.H"
        Processes the options with -allRegions selecting everything
        from the regionProperties.
        OR use -regions to specify multiple regions (from
           regionProperties), and can also contain regular expressions
        OR use the -region option
        Specifying a single -regions NAME (not a regular expresssion)
        is the same as -region NAME and doesn't use regionProperties
        Creates a `wordList regionNames`
    Step 3.
        Do something with the region names.
        Either directly, or quite commonly with the following
        include "createNamedMeshes.H"
        Creates a `PtrList<fvMesh> meshes`
    STYLE: add description to some central include files