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    ENH: lumped point motion using local linear basic functions (#1341) · b0136d83
    Mark OLESEN authored
    - the earlier implementation of externally controlled lumped point
      motion (see merge request !120 and OpenFOAM-v1706 release notes) was
      conceived for the motion of simple structures such as buildings or
      simple beams. The motion controller was simply defined in terms of
      an orientation axis and divisions along that axis.
      To include complex structures, multiple motion controllers are
      defined in terms of support points and connectivity.
      The points can have additional node Ids associated with them, which
      makes it easier to map to/from FEA models.
      OLD system/lumpedPointMovement specification
          //- Reference axis for the locations
          axis            (0 0 1);
          //- Locations of the lumped points
          locations       (0 0.05 .. 0.5);
      NEW system/lumpedPointMovement specification
          // Locations of the lumped points...