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    ENH: adding generalizedNewtonian to laminar turbulence model · c3c4f30a
    sergio authored and Andrew Heather's avatar Andrew Heather committed
    The generalizedNewtonian viscocity models were ported from
    the org version and added to the laminar turbulence framework.
    This allows use in compressible and incompressible solvers
    through the turbulence dictionary under the laminar sub-dictionary.
    The thermal laminar viscosity is taken from the thermo for solvers
    that use thermo library or from the transportProperties dictionary
    for incompressible solvers.
    At the moment the option to include viscocity models through the
    transportDict is still available.
    The icoTabulated equation of state was ported from the org version.
    STYLE: use 'model' instead of 'laminarModel' in tutorials