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    ENH: snappyHexMesh: various improvements. See below or the default snappyHexMeshDict. · 4d1159e6
    mattijs authored
    // Optionally avoid patch merging - keeps hexahedral cells
    // (to be used with automatic refinement/unrefinement)
    //mergePatchFaces off;
    // Optional multiple locationsInMesh with corresponding optional cellZone
    // (automatically generates faceZones inbetween)
        ((-0.09 -0.039 -0.049)  bottomAir)  // cellZone bottomAir
        ((-0.09 0.009 -0.049)   topAir)     // cellZone topAir
    // Optional faceType and patchType specification for these faceZones
            faceType baffle;
    / Optional checking of 'bleeding' of mesh through a specifying a locations
    // outside the mesh
    locationsOutsideMesh ((0 0 0)(12.3 101.17 3.98));
    // Improved refinement: refine all cells with all (or all but one) sides refined
    // Improved refinement: refine all cells with opposing faces with different
    // refinement level. These cells can happen on multiply curved surfaces.
    // Default on, can be switched off with
    //interfaceRefine false;
    // Optional smoothing of points at refinement interfaces. This will reduce
    // the non-orthogonality at refinement interfaces.
    //nSmoothInternal $nSmoothPatch;
    // Layers can be added to patches or to any side of a faceZone.
    // (Any faceZone internally gets represented as two patches)
    // The angle to merge patch faces can be set independently of the
    // featureAngle. This is especially useful for large feature angles
    // Default is the same as the featureAngle.
    //mergePatchFacesAngle 45;
    // Optional mesh shrinking type 'displacementMotionSolver'. It uses any
    // displacementMotionSolver, e.g. displacementSBRStress
    // (default is the medial-axis algorithm, 'displacementMedialAxis')
    //meshShrinker displacementMotionSolver;