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    consistency update · 69918f23
    Mark Olesen authored
    - OSspecific: chmod() -> chMod(), even although it's not used anywhere
    - ListOps get subset() and inplaceSubset() templated on BoolListType
    - added UList<bool>::operator[](..) const specialization.
      Returns false (actually pTraits<bool>::zero) for out-of-range elements.
      This lets us use List<bool> with lazy evaluation and no noticeable
      change in performance.
    - use rcIndex() and fcIndex() wherever possible.
      Could check if branching or modulus is faster for fcIndex().
    - UList and FixedList get 'const T* cdata() const' and 'T* data()' members.
      Similar to the STL front() and std::string::data() methods, they return a
      pointer to the first element without needing to write '&myList[0]', recast
      begin() or violate const-ness.