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    Boundary conditions: Added extrapolatedCalculatedFvPatchField · 99a10ece
    Henry Weller authored
    To be used instead of zeroGradientFvPatchField for temporary fields for
    which zero-gradient extrapolation is use to evaluate the boundary field
    but avoiding fields derived from temporary field using field algebra
    inheriting the zeroGradient boundary condition by the reuse of the
    temporary field storage.
    zeroGradientFvPatchField should not be used as the default patch field
    for any temporary fields and should be avoided for non-temporary fields
    except where it is clearly appropriate;
    extrapolatedCalculatedFvPatchField and calculatedFvPatchField are
    generally more suitable defaults depending on the manner in which the
    boundary values are specified or evaluated.
    The entire OpenFOAM-dev code-base has been updated following the above
    Henry G. Weller
    CFD Direct