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    ENH: add 'subcommand' handling to wmake (#1693) · 9e3d0685
    Mark Olesen authored
    - initial split of wmake-related commands into "plumbing" and
      "porcelain" akin to how git handles things.
    - wmakeBuildInfo (very low-level), now relocated to the wmake/scripts
      and accessible for the user as "wmake -build-info".
      This satisfies a long-standing desire to access build information
      in a fashion similar to the api/patch information.
    CONFIG: avoid git information when building with a debian/ directory
    - when a 'debian/' directory exists, there is a high probability that
      the '.git/' directory is from debian and not from OpenFOAM (ie,
      useless here). This corresponds to an implicit '-no-git', which has
      no effect when building from pristine sources.
    ENH: wmakeCheckPwd becomes scripts/wmake-check-dir
    - accessible for the user as "wmake -check-dir" and with 1 or 2
      directory names. A wmakeCheckPwd symlink left for compatibility.
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