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    ENH: improve handling of ThirdParty packages · b4d38ab4
    Mark OLESEN authored
    - generalize some of the library extensions (.so vs .dylib).
      Provide as wmake 'sysFunctions'
    - added note about unsupported/incomplete system support
    - centralize detection of ThirdParty packages into wmake/ subdirectory
      by providing a series of scripts in the spirit of GNU autoconfig.
      For example,
          have_boost, have_readline, have_scotch, ...
      Each of the `have_<package>` scripts will generally provide the
      following type of functions:
          have_<package>          # detection
          no_<package>            # reset
          echo_<package>          # echoing
      and the following type of variables:
          HAVE_<package>          # unset or 'true'
          <package>_ARCH_PATH     # root for <package>
          <package>_INC_DIR       # include directory for <package>
          <package>_LIB_DIR       # library directory for <package>
      This simplifies the calling scripts:
          if have_metis
              wmake metisDecomp
      As well as reducing clutter in the corresponding Make/options:
          EXE_INC = \
              -I$(METIS_INC_DIR) \
          LIB_LIBS = \
              -L$(METIS_LIB_DIR) -lmetis
      Any additional modifications (platform-specific or for an external build
      system) can now be made centrally.