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    Patches contributed by Mattijs Janssens: · ce0cd351
    Henry Weller authored
    splitMeshRegions: handle flipping of faces for surface fields
    subsetMesh: subset dimensionedFields
    decomposePar: use run-time selection of decomposition constraints. Used to
        keep cells on particular processors. See the decomposeParDict in
      - preserveBaffles: keep baffle faces on same processor
      - preserveFaceZones: keep faceZones owner and neighbour on same processor
      - preservePatches: keep owner and neighbour on same processor. Note: not
        suitable for cyclicAMI since these are not coupled on the patch level
      - singleProcessorFaceSets: keep complete faceSet on a single processor
      - refinementHistory: keep cells originating from a single cell on the
        same processor.
    decomposePar: clean up decomposition of refinement data from snappyHexMesh
    reconstructPar: reconstruct refinement data (refineHexMesh, snappyHexMesh)
    reconstructParMesh: reconstruct refinement data (refineHexMesh, snappyHexMesh)
      - corrected mapping surfaceFields
      - adding processor patches in order consistent with decomposePar
    argList: check that slaves are running same version as master
    fvMeshSubset: move to dynamicMesh library
      - support for mapping dimensionedFields
      - corrected mapping of surfaceFields
    parallel routines: allow parallel running on single processor
    Field: support for
      - distributed mapping
      - mapping with flipping
    mapDistribute: support for flipping
    AMIInterpolation: avoid constructing localPoints